Get REAL logoREAL for women challenges the current paradigm of masculinity, male violence and male sexual violence against women, including prostitution and ‘sex object’ culture: the social, personal and political subordination of women via commercial sexual exploitation.

Join us in getting REAL for women.

     “I want real choices. I want to change the system within which those choices are made, not just use the language of choice to benefit or to comfort me. I want liberation from the forces that lead women into strip clubs, stilettos and Girls Gone Wild. I want collective empowerment, not temporary empowerment for only a few. I don’t want fake choices designed by the very mechanisms that oppressed women in the first place.” Meghan Murphy

I am not free while any woman is unfree

woman warriar doing her work

“It is true, and very much to the point, that women are objects, commodities, some deemed more expensive than others – but it is only by asserting one’s humanness every time, in all situations, that one becomes someone as opposed to something. That, after all, is the core of our struggle.” Andrea Dworkin

no rape

women resist feminism because

julie bindell on hetrosexuality