This makes my brain hurt

Twenty Five women murdered by suspected or known male violence, this year, our country, it’s only March. We are not making this shit up.
Men are murdering women. And other men. And children. Even puppies. Men. Every day adult males from our masculinised culture.

Domestic violence is highly gendered. It’s men, males, controlling, dominating, abusing and raping women, children and other men. We have the statistics, so don’t – even.

Prostitution is highly gendered. Men, males, buy and sell women for their sexual pleasure and profit. 90% of prostituted women would exit if they could. Prostituted women suffer the same if not higher rates of PTSD then men in war who’ve faced combat. ‘Framing this prostitution of real women by real men as ‘work’ is only supporting the dignity of men.’

Rape is highly gendered. It is men, males, raping females en masse, and children and other men. Men and their penises and whatever else they use to inflict pain. All the while our “justice” systems excuse males for all forms of MVAW left right and centre, and justice for female victims remains a mythical creature; An Ontario court has just declared a man (male sex-buyer), who, “let” a Prostituted woman bleed to death in his hotel bathroom from an 11 cm wound in her vagina, which was argued must have been deliberately inflicted with an object or from “forcing sex” “beyond her consent”, innocent!

Pointing this out, diagnosing what is happening to women and *who* is doing it, is not degrading males or transphobic. All of the above mentioned though *is* the degradation of women/girls *by* males. Actual male human beings degrading, controlling, raping, impregnating, beating and killing actual female human beings en masse.

How in common sense is naming our abusers, degrading our abusers?  It’s nonsensical, yet this claim is now staked in the heart of any female who centres females in her feminism.

This is epic victim blaming. This is malespeak wrapped up in the misuse of the word feminism. Feminism is for females because we are oppressed as a class by males – regardless of whether or not we adhere to rigid imposed gender norms, and no matter how those males ‘identify’.

How about we stop silencing women by shouting ‘man hater’, ‘TERF‘ and ‘transphobe’. It’s tired.

And stop inferring female survivors of male violence, sexual violence and this culture are just hating on a class, males [the class that subordinates us/benefits from our oppression], while we are struggling to maintain some of the few hard won rights and spaces females pioneered for females in this male dominated world, and the language to name our bodies and our realities.

We very clearly have a problem with  masculinity as a dominating aspect of our culture, and with the masculinity of individual males. How many times do we have to say this current paradigm of masculinity is hurting everyone. Women, children and men.

I need feminism because I'm a womanThis is not about the fact that you as an individual man might respect and value women, this is about men as a class.

This is not about the fact that you as an individual woman are doing okay in life, this is about women as a class.

And yes biology matters.

“…despite the fact that culturally, socially, politically and intellectually we have moved a long way from our biologically-determined origins. Women’s bodies are still the focus of much of the unequal treatment women suffer, whether it’s through the sex trade, rape culture, abortion rights, childcare or even the tax on tampons. Much of the structure put in place to keep women under the control of men, such as the system of law, marriage, unequal pay and unequal opportunities, are still here to a greater or lesser extent, and therefore disadvantage women, whose needs they were not designed to meet. Especially not their different biological needs: the needs that differ the most from male needs.

I have hugely skimmed over the details but you get the picture: it is important to have an idea of how big a part biological reality plays in feminism. Feminist theory cannot help but be concerned with women’s biological, lived reality.” Helen Saxby

Erasing our work, our foremothers work and thousands of years of herstory (which has mostly been wiped out by history already), erasing females collective voices and stories and our fundamental biological sexual difference with men, why? In the name of what? This is not feminism. This is one of the very reasons why we need feminism.

This current erasure of females (male is already the default), whether by name, by removing rights, or by removing safe spaces, only benefits one other group of people, the male sex. Regardless of whether they adhere to rigid enforced gender roles or not. Regardless of how they ‘identify’.

Us feminist don’t really care as much about anyone’s individual choice of either ‘traditional masculine or feminine stuff’ as you think we do. In fact, we say ‘eff gender norms’. What us feminists really do care a lot about is women’s liberation as a class from male violence, oppression and rule. Meanwhile, our problem of male violence isn’t going away, nor it seems, is males telling females what to do, regardless of whether they adhere to rigid enforced gender roles or not, regardless of how they ‘Identify’.

This makes my brain hurt.

While feminists are being shunned, name-called (by Transgender Activists, Liberal feminists, Equalists, The Left, and as always by the mainstream and the Right), and no-platformed from public debate, while this instant block of our voices, our analysis and our struggle for liberation is taking place, men continue to rape, beat and murder women, children and other men in our country and worldwide.

When I’ve had a man’s fist or penis coming my way in domination, his ‘gender identity’ was far from my thoughts, and like every other day, I certainly didn’t ‘feel’ “Cis”. As is expressed so well in this piece: “Indeed, millions of Women don’t know what the fuck this stupid endless conversation is about, because they are too busy trying not to get beheaded or raped”, by males.

Excerpt from Feminism is for women by Helen Saxby: “I would like to be a trans ally. From the point of view of discrimination, equal opportunities, mental health problems, domestic and male violence, trans people suffer many of the same problems as women, as well as the other groups within the LGBT community. Trans people have the right to live their lives without fear of violence or discrimination. Feminists should be natural allies… That would be fine except for the fact that feminists who are gender critical and therefore believe that a transwoman is different from a woman, are now in big trouble. No matter that this does not equate to a lack of support for transwomen, or a wish to hurt them; just to have a critical analysis of gender is enough for the more extreme and vocal trans activists to label you as a TERF (Trans-exclusive Radical Feminist), a transphobe, or cis scum.

“The problems arise when the needs of trans people conflict with the needs of women, and the stumbling block is biology. To be a *true* trans ally it is necessary to pretend biology doesn’t exist: a penis can be female for example, and it’s not only *women* who bear children! Traditionally, the penis has been a symbol of male power (witness all those phallic buildings and sculptures raised as monuments to this power). It also of course has  power quite apart from the symbolic level (witness the gendered crime of rape). The penis is biologically and symbolically male and it therefore  has a gendered meaning. For women who have been sexually abused the penis is a weapon. As a feminist, the biological reality of the penis, and its role in the oppression of women, both historically and in modern times, makes it impossible to see it as ‘female’, even if it is attached to a trans woman. It is hugely insulting as a woman to be told to give up what you know and experience to be the truth lest you get labelled a transphobe. It is a particularly intractable problem for lesbians, for obvious reasons, and so they bear the brunt of the name-calling.

“As a feminist, however much I agree with trans rights, when those rights are in direct conflict with women’s rights, I will choose the women every time. That’s because I’m a feminist, not because I’m a transphobe.

“There are many gender-critical trans people on social media who I consider to be friends and feminist allies: they are not afraid to tell the truth and they know that a trans woman is different from a woman. I have respect for them and they have respect for women, and feminist theory. We can be supportive of eachother and co-exist with understanding and to mutual benefit. I wouldn’t dream of insulting their intelligence by pretending they are what they are not. I accept them as they are! We have different, but parallel oppressions: we don’t need to invade eachother’s territory for validation. This is how it should be: we can come together but we can  separate when we need to. There is loads of stuff that trans women would want to discuss that is not relevant to other women, and they should be able to organise as they see fit. So should women. This is not transphobic, it is respecting boundaries.” Helen Saxby – Read full post here


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