We should all just stop complaining and start mindlessly accepting

Guest post by qvaken

British (?) MP, his wife, and a “porn educator” and contributor to the Telegraph each work to normalise pornography, at least for all men. Not that they’ve exactly got their work cut out for them – “everyone should be watching porn because it’s healthy and normal” is the dominant mantra about the issue in our culture.

Don’t like it? Force yourself to start liking it. Still don’t like it? Tough bickies, because it’s making a few people millions and billions of dollars, and you’re just a bunch of moronsDr Rachel Hewitt who are prepared to help them get it if doing so will make you feel all dominant over someone else and so, so orgasmic. Uh, I mean, do it because you’re smart and modern and liberated!

Obviously these three individuals have shown zero acknowledgement of or care towards the (very obvious) objectified and victimised individuals in porn – usually women, girls, boys and animals – or those trafficked into porn and/or prostitution or those who learn from porn to submit to violence and damage – again, usually women, girls and boys. But what’s particularly impressive is that the author actually mentions that many ten-year-old children – mostly boys, I should guess – are already watching hardcore porn, and instead of wondering about the impact that this might be having on people in our culture and what it says about the state of our culture, he uses it as evidence that everybody’s doing it, therefore we should all just stop complaining and start mindlessly accepting.

porn bantzStep 1: Make everyone believe that consuming porn is normal
Step 2: More people will consume porn, and it’ll be much, much harder to speak about it negatively (unless your negative criticism still supports the belief that porn should continue to be produced and consumed)
Step 3: PROFIT!!! Oh, I mean, honest, open and liberated discussion! Freedom of speech (as long as you support and promote porn production and consumption)!

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