It’s A Guy Thing: sorry gals, suck it up and be cool

I’ve been #countingdeadwomen for 3 months now, and missing women, and women and girls assaulted and raped by men, with the help of REAL for women colleague Kate Drury. And I have to commend the UK founder of #countingdeadwomen Karen Ingala Smith, not only for her ongoing work remembering women murdered by male violence, but also for her valuable role in the newly launched UK national femicide census – When we collectively know what is being done to us as women, by men, then we can collectively organise to change the ‘way things are’.

What about men? Karen Ingala Smith has already gone into great detail about male victims of violence below:

Male Violence

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What about Australia?

According to Victoria Police crime statistics on offenders processed for the 2013/14 reporting year:

  • 87% of homicides were committed by men.
    98% of sexual assaults were committed by men.
    83% of non-sexual assaults were committed by men.
    90% of robberies were committed by men.
    92% of abductions were committed by men.

That’s a pretty stark picture; there’s not a lot of grey areas there (data supplied by Victoria Police. As explained above, it is not publicly available). Jane Gilmore

As women, and survivors of male violence, the records we are keeping here are, and will be, focused on male violence against women and children.  

Rape and domestic violence are highly gendered and highly under-reported crimes.

We have recorded the last 3 months, and continue to count, reported (only) alleged and convicted male violence and male sexual violence against women and girls in our country – We ask you to look, and reflect, on the entitlement the men of our country think they have to women and our bodies. We ask you to look at how little everyday men think of women.

Man Assaults woman 2015:

“footage showed the man grabbing his partner by her arms, striking her in the abdomen twice, putting her into a chocker hold and then moving her out of the frame, April 3.”, “allegedly attacked his ex-partner with a machete before abducting her at gunpoint, April 2.”, “woman allegedly fought off four men who grabbed and assaulted her while she walked at Pooraka, the men pulled up in a car grabbing the woman from behind, assaulted her before she managed to scream, then fled in the vehicle, April 1.”, “mother was forced to the ground and threatened with a hammer in a public park as her children looked on, April 1.”, “man has been charged with allegedly sexually and indecently assaulting an intellectually disabled woman over an 18 month period, April 1.”, “man has been remanded in custody after he allegedly beat a woman, leaving her with head injuries and a suspected broken arm, April 1.”, “woman stabbed during a ‘domestic’ argument, March 31.”, “unconscious woman has been found with her hands tied together in a car park in the Blue Mountains, March 31.”. Full list of reported (only) alleged and convicted male violence against women, 2015, Australia HERE.

Does our justice system, created by men, with laws written and enacted by men, protect us, women, from male violence?

March 17, 2015 – Assault. Cody Jye Cornelissen has pleaded guilty to an assault described by Magistrate Terry Lucas as one of the worst cases he had seen. Cornelissens, 19, subjected the woman to abuse over a one-hour period at a house in Orange, he pushed her to the floor, dragged her from room to room, headbutted her four times and took her in a headlock. He was fined $1500 for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and another $500 for destroying or damaging property. A 12-month apprehended violence order was imposed by the court against Cornelissens to protect the victim. Man Assaults Woman 2015

This magistrate in our country, in one of the worst cases he had seen, fined this male perpetrator of violence against a woman – who pleaded guilty to doing it – $2000 and gave him a 1 year (not even the maximum) Apprehended Violence Order (AVO). AVOs and DVOs (Domestic VIolence Order) mean, if you do it again you will be in trouble.

Where is the criminal conviction for this man?

Masa Vukotic’s murderer had prior rape convictions.

Leila Alavi “‘was turned away up to a dozen times from women’s refuges in the months before her estranged husband allegedly stabbed her to death.” At the same time around 80 women’s shelters were in limbo because of state government homelessness reforms. The AVO that was in place against her murderer did not protect her.

Adelle Collins was attempting to tighten restrictions on the current DVO that was already in place.

Fabiana Palhares also had a DVO in place, and a history of the violence her male partner committed against her was known to police. She was heavily pregnant with her murderers child when he killed her with a tomahawk.

Please stop and take a look at what 3 months of fatal known/suspected Male Violence against women in Australia looks like. These women had lives that they had a right to live, a right to live free from male violence.

3months countingdeadwomen

28 women murdered by men in 12 weeks

2 of these women were heavily pregnant

16 of these women known to have been murdered by their current or former male partners

2 of these women and one child were murdered by male family members

1 of these women was murdered by an unknown man with prior rape convictions



Australia 2015

Call the men of Australia to Action, we need a new masculinity.

Men need to step up and start treating women as human beings not things.

Sign this petition to White Ribbon Australia and tell them women deserve better.

Call to action 2: Reclaim The Night Perth are calling on the media to report male violence against women responsibly.
These are not ‘mysterious family homicides’ that ‘happen’ to women. This is men murdering women in the context of a very masculinised culture. Find out more about the campaign HERE. #MysteryIsMisogyny

Call to action 3: Questions for Us is asking us to replace the #OneWomanAWeek hashtag with #OneEveryThreeDays

We also ask you to acknowledge all the women and girls in Australia inside the inherently violent and exploitative prostitution industry. We know most male violence against women happens behind closed doors, prostituted women are not excluded from this, and are in fact more likely to suffer violence and sexual violence at the hands of men than the non-prostituted. Prostituted women face the worse aspects of victim blaming, and are in most cases unlikely to report the male violence against them. Prostituted women are less likely to be reported missing and the crimes against them including murder, are often considered non-crimes. All Women Matter!

Support the Nordic Model in Australia: NoRMa and CATWA

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“When do we stop dismissing and minimising acts of psychological warfare in the legal system and begin the risk assessment of connecting the dots, and looking at all aspects of someone’s behaviour, then holding them accountable, especially, when individuals reach the radar of law enforcement.” – When do we stop minimising the terror of partner violence?

“The laws are made for men, by men. They do not serve women, particularly within the context of lethal self-defence (or even rape). You only have to know about Marissa Alexander’s case for example, but many others as well.” Self defence is not a legal option for women facing male violence

“Alexander Ortiz was sentenced to a precedent-setting 23 years in prison in the groundbreaking case. The court ruled that crimes against women are not merely crimes of passion, but true femicides, which makes women more and more vulnerable. “Killing a woman because one feels hatred against woman, without any doubt, is the most obvious expression of the “murder of a woman for gender reasons,” stated the court. Colombia Sentences First Person Guilty of Femicide

“Passed away unexpectedly. In bed, next to husband, who years later, is likely to have smothered/murdered his grandson in the same manner. Was there a coroner’s investigation into this “unexpected death”? Probably not, but I would be curious as to what the cause of death was determined as, and also, if extended family members had suspicions. I am just, as they say, putting it out there. One early report did say there had been previous ‘domestic incidents’, but to do with his sons.
“As for obvious suicides (where the person has jumped off a bridge etc), I have seen this ruled as “non-suspicious death” (media and police code for suicide), within hours of finding the deceased. No further investigation, of what may have been the causes (such as years of abuse and unable to escape the situation), nor even much of a “did anyone throw her off that bridge?”. No. Neatly ruled “non-suspicious death”, case closed. As extrapolated, probably one or two women per week do commit suicide in Australia, because of a domestic abuse situation.” What is the real toll?

“A 30-year-old jogger was raped Monday night after being pulled into a wooded area of Rock Creek Park just south of Kensington, marking the second time in the last week a Montgomery County woman has been taken into woods and sexually assaulted, police said.” Raped by elves

* “Recently the sex trade lobby have been shouting loudly – how we must listen to the prostituted who are inside the sex trade. But, as with everything with the sex trade lobby, it is highly selective on what type of the prostituted we should listen. It should be mainly white middle-class women who state how empowering prostitution has been for them. It is the classic Happy Hooker who appears to be rich, empowered and self-sufficient. In other words, the wet dream of the average punter, and the cash-cow for the sex trade profiteers.

Most of these spokeswomen are being pushed forward to speak the male language of those profiteers and punters. If the sex trade can get the prostituted to say it is harm-free, a great earner, that it is flexible hours, that it is somehow feminist – then it can keep hidden all the common male violence and entitlement that underpins every aspect of the industry. These women are pushed to the front as ways to recruit, to advertise, and to speak words that are lies.

The sex trade wants to pretend it is feminist, pretend it gives a damn about the rights of the prostituted, pretend it is somehow left-wing. It wants it to be invisible that the sex trade is the largest capitalist and exploitative industry that men have ever invented.

Hiding behind prostituted women is easy – for most prostituted are emotionally dead and will speak whatever words that make them block out their reality. It is this blocking that makes the prostituted easy to manipulate. Blocking out reality is a vital survival mechanism for all the prostituted. Who wants to live with a reality where your only worth is to be brought and sold as sexual goods?” Blocking is survival

A woman’s worth – to be rapable

Do you need help or want to report male violence? please contact:

If you are feeling unsafe right NOW, call 000