What’s New in Individual Empowerment: how to make women and men cry

Earlier a feminist ally put out a call for support, in what has become a popular and publicized hashtag on twitter called #FacesOfProstitution, he said it:

“has been taken over by pro-pimp activists talking about how fun and empowering it” (‘sex work’) “is. I thought a good response would be to commemorate the women murdered in the sex trade under the hashtag, so if people see it, they’ll see the brutality men do to women and not just the “fun and happy” side. I have a (tragically long) list of murdered women in the sex trade; if anyone wants it to grab names from and find pictures for, let me know.”

I then saw the following statuses from him spanning over a 14 hours period:

“A revolving door of pro-prostitution assholes have been harassing me for the last ten hours since I put those photos up. These people have no shame.”, “The things they’re saying to me are bringing me to tears. These people are fucking vicious. They are literally harassing me for posting photographs of women murdered in the sex trade. Calling me a sociopath, a misogynist, a fascist, a loser, ugly, fat – all for commemorating murdered women.”, “I’d really appreciate more people posting in the #FacesOfProstitution”

So I went in, and within 5 minutes i’d started to cry too.

It was not the faces of the women murdered by johns that made me cry this time. For each woman after each woman I just felt love and sadness. I doubt they felt much love during their time in prostitution, leading up to and during their murders. I’ve cried a lot for prostituted women over the years. I’ve cried and raged reading the reviews johns leave about the women they have just paid to treat with so much contempt and abuse while they orgasm.

But today it was the words of the johns justifying their right to have women available for purchase as sexual goods, ya know, awkward-money-erection=rights, and male supporters of this female “empowerment” that made me cry. These men making themselves look like ‘good men’, the ‘good punter’, using this opportunity to earn cookies by coming out as proud pro-feminist men who support women’s rights, yeah man! Cool.

johns 1

johns 2

johns 3

johns 4

And today it was the male-centric images and proclamations by white women with a large social media presence, or semi-celebrity social media status, stating how wonderful it is for them (individual empowerment) while saying horrible things about the women who indeed do make up the many faces of prostitution. The ones that you and I will barely or never see, the vulnerable women, the 90%.

faces 3faces 1 what they think of us

The hateful blindly ignorant moronic anti’s they are referring to are those of us, women’s rights advocates, who want the implementation of the #NordicModel of prostitution, which supports the full decriminalization of prostituted women and girls, with the focus on supporting women while in prostitution, supporting women to exit prostitution and supporting women who have exited prostitution.

The Nordic Model also supports the criminalization of pimps/profiteers and the men who pay for ‘sexual services’ with prostituted women. The Nordic Model supports punishing the men who buy and sell women and girls as sexual goods in order to #EndDemand for the prostitution of women and girls.

Today I cried at how much attention all these above mentioned #FacesOfProstitution were getting, even globally.

faces media1 - Copy

This very-narrow-demographic-of-a-whole that is in all actuality largely exploitative, life-destroying and violent with a sometimes fatal consequence for many females, was/is getting pedestal’d as fabulous, female empowerment, just what every little girl could dream of, right?

DTJ pro sex work

I want to know, what about when these seemingly insignificant ‘other’ 90% of women speak? You know, the 90% that say they would exit prostitution if they could, or women who have exited prostitution, what about when they want to tell their realities of being prostituted? What happens in mainstream feminism when their stories are being told? Well frankly it is largely ignored, of course it is, it’s the very un-glamorous reality of something that is culturally portrayed and endorsed as being very glamorous and beneficial for women. And besides, do we really believe that these majotiy of women in prostitution have a voice anyone in their daily life wants to hear, or access to the lifestyle required to be on social media?

Faces 1 quoteWhen women do speak up about the ugly truth of the prostitution industry it is often silenced by dismissing us as whorephobic, bigots, SWERFs, anti-sex. Even exited women who now fight for abolition are called whorephobic bigots by the popular, fun, male-pleasing, pro-sex-work people above.

“In a Guardian panel discussing sex work legislation, the sex worker and campaigner Laura Lee argues that “prostitution cannot be eradicated”: “There has never been a society without those who sell sex and nor will there be. Once you’ve accepted that, your priorities should change”.

Well, yeah. If you conclude that a man’s “right” to pay for sex cannot ever be questioned, your priorities will change. As they will if you conclude that men cannot ever wear dresses and little boys cannot ever play with dolls. Or if you conclude that all men watch porn – they just do – and that’s that. You’ll have to find a feminism that is porn-inclusive, men’s-right-to-buy-sex-inclusive, protective-of-the-one-true-masculinity-inclusive. Indeed, some people even think they’ve found such a feminism (they even have the nerve to call it intersectional, clearly not having a clue what intersectional means). The underlying principle of this calls-itself-intersectional-but-absolutely-isn’t feminism is never ask a man to change. Just work around him. Like you always have done. Like all women always have done. So it’s the same old shit, different name. But what do you care? You’re Plastic Woman, right?” glosswitch

Today i cried over the complete and utter misinformation being widely distributed, publicized and grabbed by the horns as fact, so let’s just debunk some of this shit right here:

faces lies The prostitution industry is legal in Australia. Implementing the Nordic model of prostitution in Australia will not change this for women, it will only make things better for women. As above, the Nordic model supports the full decriminalization of prostituted women and girls, with the focus on supporting women while in prostitution, supporting women to exit prostitution and supporting women who have exited prostitution.

It has not made it harder for traffickers:

– The secret world of Melbourne’s sex trade

– Trafficked women ‘forced’ into brothels

– Legal brothels linked to international sex trafficking rings (Video, transcript and related videos)

– Flesh trade –  interview with Commander Chris McDevitt, AFP Human Trafficking Unit. (Video)

– Women used as sex slaves in Melbourne and Sydney

– Sex slavery

In fact, the legalization of the prostitution industry in Australia has increased trafficking:

– It’s time to get serious about sex trafficking in Australia – Legalising prostitution has not made the women working safer.

– A Submission from the Australian Federation for the Family Against the Legalisation of Houses of Prostitution in Tasmania.

– Prostitution and trafficking.

– Legalising prostitution is not the answer: The example of Victoria, Australia.

– 10 Reasons for Not Legalizing Prostitution.

– Global trafficking in women.

faces rights 2 No one who supports the Nordic model of prostitution supports the criminalization of selling sex. As above, the Nordic model supports the full decriminalization of prostituted women and girls, with the focus on supporting women while in prostitution, supporting women to exit prostitution and supporting women who have exited prostitution.

Does the full decriminalization (as is the case in Australia, New Zealand and Germany) of the buying and selling of sex make it safer for women, as @brazenqueer suggests?:

If you think decriminalisation will make prostitution safe, look at Germany’s mega brothels – 2015

Hmmm, us, women’s rights advocates, “once again removing the agency of women to push the same agenda patriarchy as been feeding us since forever”? Sorry, what?:

What’s the difference between the pimp’s arguments and the so-called ‘sex-positive feminists’ arguments?

Again, we have full decriminalization of prostitution in Australia, nonetheless, one of the aspects of the Nordic Model and it’s support of women in the prostitution industry is the implementation of specialist training for police as enacted in Iceland:

“The Icelandic Government has also recognised the need to educate police officers about the new laws and human trafficking issues are set to become a ‘core part of the curriculum’ at the national police college. Iceland is therefore an example of the need to implement full social and educational support along with legislative change.” Demand change: understanding the Nordic approach to prostitution, page 18

Scarlet Alliance, sex workers union Australia, would have us believe they care about women in prostitution. They don’t:

faces lies 2
We would like to know. Luckily Scarlet Alliance represent themselves honestly in their interviews and polices:

– Interview: The scarlet Alliance’s Jules Kim – Lateline ABC (transcript and video)

– Lateline exposes harms of ‘sex work’: sex industry goes nuts, Australia

– Scarlet Alliance/Sex Worker Collective’s misogyny They DO NOT care about women.

The use of the term ‘sex worker’ does not empower women:

‘Sex Work’ – The Dignity Of Men. Call it what it is, it’s prostitution.

faces 2 quote

child sex worker As suggested, can we remember some of the women who were murdered by men who paid to use them in prostitution: 

Killers free

murdered 2

murdered 1

murdered 4

murdered 5murdered 6Murdered 8Let’s look at some of the men who pay to use women in prostitution:

johns 5 averagekillersLet’s read how some of these men who pay to use women in prostitution “review” them. View them.

his choices 1

his choices 2

his choices 3

his choices 4

his choices 7

Rebecca 1

When men, or women, smugly defend and justify the prostitution industry to me, or make derogative statements or slurs about prostituted women, it usually stirs anger in me, my heart races, every piece of nerve and sinew constricts, I straighten my back and I fight with words. I stand solid and I fight with facts and with survivors stories, and my passion and fight for my sisters is clear.

But not today, today it felt like my heart was being wrung, and I cried.

Right now the prominent voice of a few women and men are promoting the sale of women to men as sexual goods, and getting high visibility in an already distorted masculine culture. Right now this is what is being lapped up by the masses as the reality of prostitution.

This is what the prostitution industry thinks of women

faces who needs women really

If you can go in and fight with words and facts and survivor stories for our sisters, the many who have no voice, please do. Please represent the women who cannot represent themselves in this dialogue.

1/ –  25 year old Ting Fang, from China living in Sydney. 27 year old man Chunguang Piao arrested for her murder, allegedly stabbing her throat in an Adelaide hotelJanuary 1, 2015. #CountingDeadWomen Australia

Tina Fangmeghan 2 plus cherrymeghan 1

“Recently the sex trade lobby have been shouting loudly – how we must listen to the prostituted who are inside the sex trade.

But, as with everything with the sex trade lobby, it is highly selective what type of the prostituted we should listen to.

It should be mainly white middle-class women who state how empowering prostitution has been for them.

It is the classic Happy Hooker who appears to be rich, empowered and self-sufficient.

In other words the wet dreams of the average punter, and the cash-cow for the sex trade profiteers.” Rebecca Mott


– Who does the really represent?

– #CountingDeadWomen in the #FacesOfProstitution – Meagan Tyler

– Currently Prostituted Woman Speaks: To the “sex worker” lobby – this is what you sound like.

Rescources on the Prostitution Industry – directly relating to Australia where possible


If you are a woman inside the prostitution industry in Australia and:

– you need help and support contact: Project Respect

– you want to leave prostitution contact: Project Respect

– you want to report a rape, assault, coercion, grooming, contact the:

– you need legal services contact: Refugee & Immigration Legal Centre, Inc.
RILC provides free and full legal services to trafficking victims in Australia.

If you are a woman who has exited prostitution and:

– you need support contact: Project Respect

– you need to talk to a counselor call 1800 737 732, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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