UN Women…we need to talk

UN Women…we need to talk

I want to discuss UN Women and the hypocrisy that is scattered all over their website and within their principles.

From their website:

“UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. A global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide.” [1]

Now, this sounds great! Unless, of course, they don’t know how to define what a “woman” is. But, this is the UN! Surely they understand biological fact, right? Well, I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you.

In their “Twelve small actions with big impact for Generation Equality” published to their website on February 25, 2020, there is some concerning language being used, as well as disturbing ideologies being endorsed.

The third “action” they list is:

“3. Reject the binary”

“Repeat after me: It’s humankind. Not mankind.

It might not seem like a big deal, but terms such as “male or female” and “women or men” exclude non-binary and intersex people who don’t fall into any of these categories. [2] Diverse gender identities have always existed in every culture, and ensuring the rights of transgender, genderqueer, non-binary individuals and more—who often face horrifying violence and discrimination across the world—is an inherent part of gender equality. (Generation Equality pro tip: Check out the ‘Genderbread Person’ to learn the difference between sex, gender, gender identity and gender expression).

Everyday language plays a huge role in breaking gender stereotypes and rejecting the binary of “male and female”. Instead of using phrases like “ladies and gentlemen” or “boys and girls”, swap in a gender-neutral term like “folks,” “children,” or “y’all.” These little changes can go a long way toward shifting cultural perceptions of gender.

Don’t assume you know someone’s pronoun or gender. One way to open up a conversation is to give your own: include your pronouns when you introduce yourself or add them to your email signature or your social media profiles. Gender pronouns include: she/her, he/him, they/them, ze/zir, ze/hir, xe/zem, and zie/hir, xe/xem, and ey/em.

When referring to a person using the pronouns, gender and name that they use to identify themselves, do not refer to or reveal a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status without their consent.” [3]

Ok. So, some people will be thinking “what’s wrong with that?” [4]

Others will be thinking “what the hell are they on about?”

On the surface, there’s nothing “wrong” with referring to people how they prefer, but let’s dig deeper into this “action” and what they’re really saying.

They’ve made some outrageous claims that “transgender” people and “non-binary” people are at risk of “horrifying violence and discrimination across the world.”

Hmm….give me a minute. I’m thinking…..hmm.

Did I miss the tragic non-binary genocide of 1710?

Perhaps I am not aware of the wars that have plagued the country of transgender folks? (Look at that! Using that “gender neutral” language already!)

Has my educational history not provided me with the full details of the systemic oppression that 10-25 year olds with body dysmorphia, along with a random supply of grown men, have endured and suffered through for centuries?

Where is this horrifying violence and discrimination? Where exactly is it happening? The refusal from the majority of society to accept the ideological nonsense being spewed is NOT discrimination or oppression. It’s a disagreement.

Oddly enough, the members of the LGBT community that are at the highest risk of violence aren’t even mentioned in this “action” from UN Women.[See: lesbians – female, same sex attracted, humans. Also see: transsexuals – males/females that have physically and medically transitioned their body to minimise secondary sex characteristics of their biological sex, and possibly maximise secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex]. Neither is the class of people at the absolute highest risk of violence – females.

Furthermore, it may not seem like a big deal, but erasing words like “male,” “female,” and phrases like “boys and girls” is restricting the ability of half of the worlds population to discuss and organise around issues that affect us (girls and women) uniquely and differently from issues that affect boys and men. We are different, but we all deserve to be treated equitably.

Self-ID is dangerous

Nothing more than a feeling and boop! You’re a woman, or a man, or neither! Isn’t that great? In fact, you don’t actually need to ‘feel’ anything at all! You can just say the words “I identify as a girl/woman,” or, “I identify as a boy/man,” and you’re done! You have now magically, and against every fact known to humankind, changed your biological sex! Wasn’t that easy? (never mind the fact that this ideological movement insists biological sex isn’t real. *psst* It kind of falls apart if you ask questions, so just hush and believe it. *nervous laugh*)

Ok. That’s enough! Stop the madness! Women have worked for centuries to have issues specific to girls & women acknowledged and addressed, and now we are being told “never mind,” basically. It was especially nauseating to see this on the UN Women’s website, just a scroll or two underneath the above mentioned action plan for gender equality.

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