IWD2020 – ‘Formless’, something, something, ‘Womxn’

‘Women have had the power of naming stolen from us’, Mary Daly, 1979

A swathe of corporations, ‘Leftist’ organisations, members of government and high profile individuals outdid themselves for International Women’s Day this year: #IWD2020 – #EachForEqual.

We women were politely, and not so politely, reminded on this ‘our day of days’ – that we are taking up too much damn space, also, stop all the shrill, er, “non-men” speaking, and most importantly, know your place.

But being feminists and all, women stood up with courage, wit, and tenacity, holding firm to an intrinsic tenet of feminism – that it is about, for, and by women – for our liberation.

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formless 1formless 2


formless man

UN 1UN 2

womxn 1

University of Leicester’s new ‘Women’s Officer’, Dan Orr, who identifies as a transwoman, rebrands ‘International Women’s Day’ as ‘International Womxn’s Day’ to be more inclusive of ‘anyone who identifies as a woman in society’… There are already separate posts for ‘LGBT+ officer’ and ‘Trans and Non-Binary’ officer… 




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cis rainbow2cis rainbow


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Hibo Warderetrending uk

And know our Place:

climate Aclimate B

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cleaner sex 2cleaner sex 1

kill the terf 1kill the terf 2

bannedknow your place 2


meanwhile 1violence

meanwhile 2

Until all women and girls are free:
Sex-selective abortions, Female genital mutilation, Girls sold as “child brides”, menstruation “huts”, period stigma, period poverty, forced pregnancy and stigma, breast ironing to avoid rape, lack of available effective safe contraception, lack of abortion rights, miscarriage, birth trauma, gynecological abuse, vaginal exams on unconsenting females while under anesthesia for unrelated surgeries, sexual abuse by male physicians, coerced c-sections, forced sterilization, racial discrimination during pregnancy and childbirth, workplace discrimination for mothers, breastfeeding stigma, increased male violence during pregnancy, single mothers stigma, coerced hysterectomies to retain employment, breast milk/feeding coercion by males, male default medical industry/diagnoses/treatment failing female health, auto immune diseases, undiagnosed illnesses, untreated pain, trauma pathologised, period pain, PMS disregard, endometriosis disregard, PCOS/uterine fibroids, fistula, post natal depression, vaginal mesh scandal, menopause disregard, rape, female refugees raped, females raped as a weapon of war, day to day sexual objectification, the male gaze, sexual objectification in media and advertising, sexual assault, pornography, strip clubs, prostitution, human trafficking, spy cams, voyeurism, body image/beauty standards, domestic violence, coercive control, femicide, “honor killings”, bulk of childcare and unpaid work, disproportionately living in poverty, female erasure in the law, “foot binding” resurgence, the “husband stitch”, surrogacy, online abuse, “revenge porn”, eating disorders, world built for male bodies from crash test dummies to medicine, the “urinary leash”, unsafe or no toilet provisions…. and on and on….

Compiled by Andreia Nobre: “Issues that only affect female bodies” – @ariana_erbon – Twitter https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1212427311083130880.html

– Her tweets continue here: https://twitter.com/ariana_erbon/status/1212427311083130880…

See also: https://twitter.com/joon_of/status/1160618388684759040?s=21

#WomensLiberation #FemaleLiberation #FEMinism



– Suzanne Moore: Women must have the right to organise. We will not be silenced – The treatment of Selina Todd this weekend was a warning. We have to protect women’s sex-based rights – Tue 3 Mar 2020 “As Roman Polanski was being rewarded for his latest film at the César awards, [Selina] Todd was being silenced. This latest silencing of women is a warning. You either protect women’s rights as sex-based or you don’t protect them at all…… Women have the right to call out the violent men who rape. We have the right to speak and organise without being told that speech is itself dangerous. You can tell me to “die in a ditch, terf” all you like, as many have for years, but I self-identify as a woman who won’t go down quietly. There are more of us than you think.”

– Maya Forstater: “Both sides”. This tweet is rightly getting ratio’ed because the ‘both sides’ thing is bad faith nonsense. On one side: rape & death threats, doxxing, no-platforming, trying to get people fired. On the other side: some snark. Ask for receipts… nothing. Here are some:”

ForWomenScot: “The co-convener of @scotgp@patrickharvie has decided to mark #iwd2020 first by insulting women in @ScotParl by suggesting all the bad things happen because of identity. Now, he says the women who object are “boring” him. So, we thought we’d find some dull stats for him:”

Laura McNally: “Women are not ‘imagined,’ and on International Women’s Day, we should know this – What does it mean to be a woman? Perhaps for International Women’s Day we could start to trust that women are actually capable of forming an answer.”

– Jo Bartosch: “Next year let’s hope more companies cash-in on international womxn’s day, and let’s hope more amazing be-penised womxn are selected to speak up for womxn everywhere. Up the womxn!”thumbnail_DF44FB14-70E2-447A-9559-D342084FC092

meanwhile 4





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