Tactics and Flaws of the Transgender Ideology + Self-ID Movement

Tactics and Flaws of the Transgender Ideology + Self-ID Movement

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Growing up, I was confused. You see, I was very different from most of my girl-friends. At least, I thought I was. I was flat-chested, had really big feet & hands and a really low voice. I hated everything “girly.” I didn’t want to wear dresses or have my hair curled.

I loathed the fact that I would eventually start menstruating. I didn’t want to shave. I had strange, but nice, feelings for some of the girls I was friends with. I had already disassociated from my body because of a male cousin deciding to molest me at a very young age, but it was more than that. I hated my body. I hated the things that I ‘had’ to wear and do and endure, and this all started early on. It’s basically all I remember about my feelings toward my body and the expectations of me based on my biological sex.

Even as a young girl, I already knew what being a female meant, and I knew ‘it’ wasn’t good. At least, not within this society. Knowing what I was in for as a girl and a woman made me uncomfortable and embarrassed. It made me angry.

I remember my mom joking about how they (my parents) “thought I was going to be a boy,” but got surprised, and that just added to this growing feeling in my head that I was actually meant to be born a boy.

I didn’t realise it then, but I was experiencing body dysmorphia. It wasn’t just about my breasts, uterus and vagina, though. I obsessively loathed my nose, my stomach, my skin colour, my hair, my freckles, the size of my feet and hands, my voice and so much more. I was traumatised and already suffering from PTSD and obvious low self-esteem. I was mentally and emotionally unwell and needed mental health assistance.

If I was growing up now, I’d be transgender….

My mom would be pressured by peers, social media, media and neglectful medical “professionals” to put me on prescription drugs to alter my body chemistry and to prevent natural, imperative, biological cycles from occurring in my body. Her and I would have the red carpet rolled out for us as we frolicked to day surgery for me to permanently alter, and possibly even mutilate, my body. [1]

I wouldn’t be able to legally vote, drink alcohol, smoke, drive, have sex or travel alone (and rightfully so), but I’d have the authority to mutilate my body and permanently alter my life. Makes total sense! (sarcasm /off)

Hit the pause button….

There are reasons why children aren’t allowed to do certain things or make certain decisions for themselves. There are extremely crucial and important reasons why children have adults to look after them, guide them and make decisions for them. It isn’t an “invasion of privacy” or an “invalidation of their identity.”

It’s reasonable and logical to understand that children need to develop into a teenager, and then to an adult. It’s sensible to understand that the brain must have an appropriate amount of time to develop. It’s rational and sane to understand, no matter how confident a child is with a decision they’ve made, that time, environment, and a thousand other potential factors will have an impact on their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and desires. That is life.

As an adult I have finally starting coming to terms with my body and my biological sex. As an adult, I understand and realise that what goes on in my head can feel very real at times, but it’s still only in my head. As an adult, I’m so glad that I did not grow up amidst the madness that is transgender ideology.

What I haven’t come to terms with is the systemic oppression that the female sex class is still enduring. [2]

What I cannot come to terms with is the madness occurring on social and political levels surrounding transgender ideology.

Material reality vs. ideology….

I never imagined that I would be attacked or vilified for knowing that I am a female and that I have a female reproductive system. I never thought the day would come when “woman” would be an offensive word.

The transgender movement denies the truth, but it also denies reality. “Truth” is often subjective and one person’s truth may not be the next person’s truth. However, reality just is.

They proclaim that your ‘gender’ is “assigned” at birth. That is not true. Sex is observed and recorded. I wonder if the parents of the estimated 23 million aborted female foetuses (mainly from Asia) were confused about the sex of the foetus? I wonder if the high number of female infants being murdered (due to being valued less than boys) just needed a way to verbalise that they identified as boys, not girls? [3]

They say that women discussing issues relating to their vaginas is “transphobic” by “excluding trans women,” but men don’t have a cervix, uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes or a vagina. Women do, and we’ve had it up to here (*points to the sky*) with men trying to control what we do, how we do it and how we speak about, and organise around, issues that affect us.

How did we even get to this point?…

I’ll admit, I honestly thought the ‘panic’ over the trans movement was uncalled for. That is, until I saw hard fought for rights being rolled back for women. That is, until I saw women’s bathrooms disappearing while men’s remained. That is, until I was the subject of a witch hunt led by women that I called my friends for years.

Women that know I have spent years leading the charge for inclusive spaces in our local area, and not just online where it’s f’ing easy. I took on overwhelming amounts of stress, anxiety, harassment and bullying, from mostly men, to fight for safe and inclusive activist spaces, safe nightclubs and more.

These women witnessed me being pushed to the brink of my own sanity to fight for everyone’s rights. I faced-up to businesses, organisations and activists to fight for justice. I exposed the rapists lurking around our spaces and I called out the racists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes and bigots in our spaces. I have invested thousands of hours running campaigns, protests & rallies and have dedicated my time to helping so many different individuals within my community.

Yet, this pack of ravenous women had the audacity to target me, intimidate me and harass me. They had the audacity to recruit people in their hate campaign; their witch hunt. They had the audacity to say that what I think and believe about myself is not true and that it is bad and wrong. How dare they?!

These women are known as trans-rights activists (TRA’s) and they don’t believe women have the right to sex-segregated spaces or sports. [4] These are women that don’t believe women have the right to see medical professionals that are women. These are women that have the audacity to call themselves feminists.

It’s never enough….

It isn’t enough to keep track of and use preferred pronouns. It isn’t enough to refer to them by their new name. It isn’t enough that they already have the exact same rights that their counterparts have. Oh, goodness no. They want more. They want you to speak their language. They want you to think their thoughts. They want you to believe everything they believe.

Does it matter that their beliefs invalidate your existence?

Not to them, it doesn’t.

Does it matter that they deny your truth?

Not to them, it doesn’t.

Yet, that is why they swarm and attack. That is why they recruit people into their campaigns of hate and harassment. Because you won’t accept their truth. You won’t say the words they want you to say. The words they DEMAND that you say.

You won’t forget your reality and you won’t forget historical fact or the axis of oppression you are bound to by birth, and that makes you a monster.

What’s worse? They don’t stop there. They expect people to omit words and definitions from their language and believe & think exactly how they are told to. If you don’t do it, they will actively try to harm you.

1) Force: coercion or compulsion, especially with the use or threat of violence.

2) Coercion: the action or practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

3) Compulsion: the action or state of forcing or being forced to do something

These are the main tactics of the transgender movement.

They’ll start with manipulation, guilt and condescending tones. If that doesn’t make you crumble and start repeating the magic soundbites, they’ll move on to swearing, name calling, intimidation and veiled threats. The recruitment has already begun behind the scene, and you’ll soon be bombarded with comments and messages and physical confrontations, all demanding answers from you. You are now being harassed.

They don’t give thought to a lot….

Not the young girls having their clits cut off. [5] Not the girls starting their periods that desperately want privacy in the bathroom at school. Not the females around the world that don’t have access to abortion care. Not the women in sports that we had to fight to be able to participate in for decades, all to have men invade that space, too. [6] Not the army of ex-sex workers that want nothing more than to see the ‘industry’ shut down on every level and for women everywhere to be liberated. [7] They don’t give thought to the hundreds of thousands of women fleeing abuse that desperately need a safe space. No. This crowd does not give thought to a lot.

When was the last time this crowd picked up a lexicon?

I’m a woman. A woman is (*looks in lexicon*) an adult human female. *random shouting* “OH MY GOD! TERF! TERF! PUNCH THE TERF!”


The words “girl“ and “woman” are not representative of imaginary things. Contrary to what some say, girls and women aren’t formless blobs. Those words exist for necessary reasons. Those words are how we verbally differentiate or specify between young and older members of the female sex class, just like “boy” and “man” for the male sex class. How and when did definitions become so trivial and offensive?

Facts still remain regardless of how persistent and aggressive this movement is. The audacity of this crowd to think they somehow have the power or authority to command to people what they are allowed to say, think and believe is beyond me, honestly, and it wreaks of authoritarianism.

The forgotten ones….

There are many groups of people that are being forgotten within ‘discussions’ (see: verbal attacks) with trans rights activists, and within the ideology as a whole. First and foremost – females. We are quite literally having our rights stripped from us around the world. We haven’t even achieved equitable rights for all girls and women, yet, our rights are being taken away. Rape shelters and domestic violence refuges are being vandalised and defunded because they refuse to accept “transwomen” into their facilities. [8] Let me rephrase that for you. Rape shelters and domestic violence refuges are being vandalised and defunded because they refuse to accept men into their facilities.

The staff at the shelters and refuges are protecting the hard fought for rights of traumatised women that are victims of rape and physical abuse, and many times, their children, too. We have the right to sex-segregated services and facilities! We need that right. How could anyone try and take that away from us? How can women be a part of this?

Another group of people that are forgotten are lesbians. A lesbian is a same-sex attracted female human being. One of the many problems with “self-identification” is this new and disturbing idea that men can be lesbians. The idea is, if a woman identifies as a man, the woman can be with another woman in a lesbian relationship (which it actually is) but ‘he’ is a ‘man.’ Yes. They believe all of this. The flip side of this is, if a man identifies as a woman, he can now be with a woman (in what is actually a heterosexual relationship) and call himself, sorry – ‘herself’ – a lesbian.

Yep…..take a minute, if you need to. It’s a lot to take in.

Now, how does this have a negative impact on lesbians? I know a lot of radical feminist lesbians that share personal testimony to how often men say things like “maybe you just haven’t had the right dick yet,” and how often they are verbally and sexually harassed, and sadly, many times they are assaulted and/or raped in order to “convert” them from loving only biological women. The idea of a woman that doesn’t need a man for anything, not even for basic sexual pleasure, is extremely threatening to men in general. Lesbians are too often met with hostility, and far worse, simply for who they love and want to have sex with, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. [9]

The people and issues being overlooked within the transgender ideology movement go on and on. Children that need access to genuine and effective mental health resources that, instead, are sexualised and/or put on a path of body mutilation.

The very people at the core of this ideological movement are being overlooked!

So many people grow up with body dysmorphia, low self-esteem, warped sense of self, dissociation and other serious and traumatic mental health issues. So many girls just do not want to deal with being female. I fully believe that we have the knowledge of our foremothers in our genes and in our bones. We know, straight out of the womb, what our life will be like. We carry that generational trauma within us. Is it any wonder that so many young girls would elect to ‘be’ a boy?

Does anyone else ever stop to wonder why so many parents are jumping on board with this? Could it be, just maybe, that it’s easier to pretend they have a daughter, rather than a feminine son that wants to wear dresses and vice versa?

Toxic male standards create pressure for boys, too, and many of them do not want to perform the assumed stereotypes that come with being a male.

Feminists have been working for decades to smash the sex-based stereotypes that create that pressure for girls and women. Gay men have been smashing gender norms for decades. Rock gods gave us “gender fluidity” in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, but society, in general, just hasn’t let go of gender expectations & stereotypes yet. So I sympathise with parents of children that are confused, lost and feeling empty, but surgeries, body altering drugs and jumping on the bandwagon of harmful ideologies are not the answers. The core issues for these children are not being properly addressed.

Furthermore, the long-term consequences and side effects of blocking puberty have not been fully explored and are not fully known or understood. [10]

Who is looking after the longterm health and well-being of individuals seeking gender affirmation?

The ‘T’ in LGBT….

Remember, there is an important difference between a transsexual person and a transgender person. The transgender movement insists you only need to feel like a man/woman/neither in order to be a man/woman/neither. Nothing more than an idea and suddenly…BOOP! You’re not what you were born as.

Transsexuals are men or women that go through physical and chemical changes (hormone replacement therapy, surgeries) in order to look and be more like the sex they are transitioning to. Yes. That’s where “trans,” or, the ‘T’, comes from; transition.

It concerns me that the transgender movement has seemingly, and in their minds, erased the existence of real human beings that have extremely specific medical and social needs. Needs that, I dare say, are not being effectively met within the constraints of our current medical systems and policies. These are men and women with unnatural amounts of hormones in their bodies and, many times, with unique post-surgery genitalia. [1]

In online transsexual spaces, transsexual women (biologically male) are almost entirely free from misconceptions or delusions about the ability to change their biological sex. They know they cannot change sex. What they can do, and are doing, is changing their secondary sex characteristics. I’ll reiterate that this creates extremely unique medical needs which are not the same as either men or women, and they deserve spaces and systems that recognise those needs and address them effectively and civilly. There are also many transsexual people that find they need compassionate mental health support in relation to their decision to permanently change their body. [11]

Transgender people are undermining everything about transsexuals, their needs and their history of oppression that led to being a part of the LGBT community. They are turning people against actual trans people.

Here’s just one example:

While I agree with this, it’s only partially true. Transsexuals are not the ones leading this attack, and that is what the ‘T’ stands for. Not transgender.

Look, feminists are not wishing harm on anyone. We are not smashing windows or punching and harassing trans people. Feminists just want to protect, and advocate for, the rights of girls and women.

That is what feminism is for.

Females – that is who feminism is for.

This work is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license. Copyright © 2020

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This work is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license. Copyright © 2020