Feminist Analysis Is On The Menu

Feminist Analysis Is On The Menu

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The topic of eating animals has generally been covered in literature, research, the media, social media and private & collective discussions throughout the last few decades, and I do not intend on rehashing the same points that I have seen repeated in many of those discussions and headlines (i.e.: the fact that mass animal agriculture is extremely harmful to the environment).

My intention behind writing this blog is not to try and convince readers to go vegan or to shame anyone for the choices they make in regards to food consumption, but, rather, to encourage readers, particularly girls and women, to view the issue of eating animal products through a radical feminist lens. Even more specifically, I hope to inspire readers of the female sex to analyze the act of consuming animal products, that stem from the exploitation and objectification of female animals, through a feminist lens.

I have wanted to write about this for months, but am only now finding the time and focus to do so. See, I have been inside multiple animal facilities in Australia to see the appalling conditions and abhorrent treatment of animals in these facilities with my own eyes. I feel strongly that I must now share my thoughts and views on this topic with others.

I want to focus solely on my personal (but also researched and referenced) views regarding the parallels between females of the human animal species with females of the non-human animals species, and how each are viewed and treated within our society. This is going to be confronting for some readers, but it is imperative that every single one of us examines our choices regarding food, and it is natural and consistent for feminists to approach this topic with the same feminist lens and analysis we attempt to view and understand other issues and topics through.

As a radical feminist, I am acutely aware of the systematic oppression that girls and women face. This oppression is well-documented through UN Conventions, government inquires & reports and more.

As a vegan, I am acutely aware of the systematic oppression that animals face.

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