Zero Zoning Policy for Adult Entertainment Permits

Make ‘Opt-out for Porn’ the norm in Australia

Better services and tougher penalties for Domestic Violence

“We need to look at the role of men in creating political systems that subordinate women; and that means that we have to look at the role of men in creating prostitution, in protecting prostitution–how law enforcement does it, how journalism does it, how lawyers do it. We need to know the ways in which all those men use prostitutes and in doing so destroy the human dignity of the women….

….Women need to be making laws.” Andrea Dworkin

“Marxism teaches that exploitation and degradation somehow produce resistance and revolution. It’s been hard to say why. What I’ve learned from women’s experience with sexuality is that exploitation and degradation produce grateful complicity in exchange for survival. They produce self-loathing to the point of extinction of self, and it is respect for self that makes resistance conceivable.” Catharine A. MacKinnon

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