Advertising Standards Bureau

Collective Shout call the Ad Watchdog here in Australia a dismal failure.

“It’s no secret that the advertising industry’s preferred model of regulation, self-regulation, has failed. Despite various government inquiries exploring the many flaws in the current system, as well as condemnation from child health professionals and the Australian Medical Association (AMA) the advertising industry has been given free reign to regulate themselves to the detriment of the community, in particular, children.

Many feel understandably frustrated as the ASB continues to dismiss valid complaints while simultaneously claiming that self-regulation is working well and this is evidenced by the fact they rarely uphold complaints! We’ve highlighted some of our previous complaints below to illustrate the great lengths the ASB goes to in order to excuse sexualising and adult sexual content in advertising.” READ MORE

 Collective Shout community responded to ASB failures with the hashtag #AskAdStandards

In Novemeber 2014, after learning that Mumbrella would be hosting Fiona Jolly, CEO of the Advertising Standards Bureau, for a live chat. Members of the Collective Shout community responded to ASB failures with the hashtag #AskAdStandards. You can read our questions and comments below.

We believe that the current system of advertising self-regulation has failed. Here’s why. READ MORE

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