“The older I get, the more I believe that ‘equality’ is nothing more than a smokescreen to prevent the true liberation of women. Equality before the law means nothing when violence is endemic; when women are most likely to live in poverty; when no one bothers to actually enforce the existing equality legislation.” – Louise Pennington

More people turned away from homelessness services January 28, 2015

“We’re seeing more people knocking on the doors of homelessness agencies, and more people having to be turned away because there just aren’t the resources to help them,” said Ms Toohey. The NPAH funds around 90 Victorian homelessness services to provide vital programs and services to women and children fleeing family violence, young people leaving state care and families at risk of homelessness. “Many workers are on contracts that expire when the NPAH funding expires, so by March services will be preparing to make difficult decisions about who stays and who goes.” “We’re talking about the future of thousands of vulnerable Victorians.” READ MORE

Homeless women in Melbourne raped and abused by men who offer shelter January 27, 2015

“Homeless women in Melbourne are being regularly preyed upon by men who demand they have sex with them in return for accommodation, according to those who work in the homeless sector.

Women have told of being raped and abused by men who offer accommodation, with the expectation women will put up with these crimes because of the lack of affordable or safe shelter on offer.” READ MORE

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