SlutWalk is Not sexual liberation:
“The organisers claim that celebrating the word “slut”, and promoting sluttishness in general, will help women achieve full autonomy over their sexuality. But the focus on “reclaiming” the word slut fails to address the real issue. The term slut is so deeply rooted in the patriarchal “madonna/whore” view of women’s sexuality that it is beyond redemption. The word is so saturated with the ideology that female sexual energy deserves punishment that trying to change its meaning is a waste of precious feminist resources.

Advocates would be better off exposing the myriad ways in which the law and the culture enable myths about all types of women – sexually active or “chaste” alike. These myths facilitate sexual violence by undermining women’s credibility when they report sex crimes. Whether we blame victims by calling them “sluts” (who thus asked to be raped), or by calling them “frigid” (who thus secretly want to be overpowered), the problem is that we’re blaming them for their own victimisation no matter what they do. Encouraging women to be even more “sluttish” will not change this ugly reality.

As teachers who travel around the country speaking about sexual violence, pornography and feminism, we hear stories from women students who feel intense pressure to be sexually available “on demand”. These students have grown up in a culture in which hypersexualized images of young women are commonplace and where hardcore porn is the major form of sex education for young men. They have been told over and over that in order to be valued in such a culture, they must look and act like sluts, while not being labeled slut because the label has dire consequences including being blamed for rape, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and self-mutilation….

….Women need to take to the streets – but not for the right to be called “slut”. Women should be fighting for liberation from culturally imposed myths about their sexuality that encourage gendered violence. Our daughters – and our sons – have the right to live in a world that celebrates equally women’s sexual freedom and bodily integrity.” Read more HERE by  and

Slut is unsalvageable

Amber Rose’s Slutwalk is the natural pinnacle of Slutwalk:

“As feminists, our job is to work towards the liberation of the most marginalized women, globally. Not do to whatever the fuck we want because that’s what makes us feel sexy or liked. Claims that prostitution and pornification are a liberated choice, progressive so long as you say so, doesn’t actually help women and girls who are in prostitution because they have no other choice. Asserting that you enjoy objectification and that, therefore, it’s ok doesn’t help the marginalized women on the DTES who are raped and murdered because men don’t believe they are truly or fully human. In truth, it doesn’t help any woman, anywhere. It is wholly damaging to all of us and contributes to our subordination. While a few middle class girls might think it’s fun to call one another “sluts” or to enjoy the attention they receive from posting pornographic imagery on Instagram, it’s not really all that fun to be called a “slut” while filming a gang-bang porn or being choked with a penis. Take your privilege and do something useful with it.”

“While I can’t blame Slutwalk entirely for the farce presented to us as “feminism” today, it played a prominent role. You’ll find a glaring continuum between those who advocated for Slutwalk four years ago and those no-platforming radical feminists, blacklisting abolitionists, lying through their teeth on national television about violence against prostituted women, calling feminists who actually name male violence “bigots,” and pretending that our challenges to male exploiters and abusers are, in fact, more dangerous than the literal violence faced by women, globally. The young, privileged, American liberals who rail on about “white feminism”as they paint a romanticized image of the abuse their impoverished sisters face for their own personal, financial, and professional gain are the same women who rejected Take Back the Night on account of it being “too second wave” and “not inclusive enough,” (read: we don’t want men to feel left out) choosing the more media (and man) friendly Slutwalk.” Meghan Murphy – Feminist Current, full article here

See also: Grasping at Straws: Comparing Slutwalk and Occupy Wall Street – Meghan Murphy

“..Slutwalk argued, right off the bat, that this was a movement all about individuals and that, if what they were doing, as individuals, was impacting other women negatively, well, too freakin bad. If you think sex work is great, then it’s great, regardless of how it impacts and hurts and exploits other women; women with less privilege than yourself. If you want to call yourself a slut and encourage men to call you a slut (because now that’s empowering!), then do it! Even if it throws other women under the bus in the process.

Slutwalk followed the rules. They bought into a patriarchal, neoliberal, capitalist message and tried to sell it back to us as revolutionary. But it wasn’t.”

You March, We Drown:
“…The more SlutWalk goes on, the more it becomes a conscious political statement that Slutwalk is allied with the sex trade.

This comes from the simple statement – “being a Slut can be from pleasure or through work”. This comes from having at most SlutWalks, speakers from ‘sex work’ unions, or marching with those who back keeping the status quo of the sex trade – Never with exited women who now are abolitionists, or those who back real change for the prostituted class. This comes from thinking it would be okay to have fundraisers inside lap-dancing clubs. This comes from not recognising that most women and girls inside the sex trade may be forced to wear “slut” clothes. And this comes from not taking on board from most women and girls that the word “Slut” is used as a vicious weapon of war against them.

“With all that in mind, it has become clear that SlutWalks have consciously excluded the prostituted class. For we stubbornly will continue to fight to frame it not as ‘work’, it is not a labour issue – we fight to show it is an issue of human rights, and it’s about preventing the normalisation of sexual torture.” Rebecca Mott.

We don’t need any more SlutWalks — what we need is a PrudeWalk

“Will you join me? A PrudeWalk would be so much fun! We’ll wear sweatshirts, sweatpants, mom jeans, and comfortable shoes. We’ll carry signs proclaiming, “If You Don’t Like Vanilla, You’re not my Fella!” “Tender Lips Not Painful Whips” “Sexy isn’t Sexual” “Love Is Hot, Porn Is Not” “Want a Three-way? Hit the Freeway!” “Labia’s are Luscious!” “Full Bushes Forever!” And most important of all: “My Face Is Not A Cum Dumpster!

I am reclaiming the word “prude” and declaring myself both prudish and proud. Let’s put the love back in lovemaking, folks. Let’s have a Prude Pride Day, open to all genders and sexual orientations. The only qualification is a willingness to let your inner prude out of the closet, and let your faithful flag fly!
Of course, it won’t be as popular as SlutWalk. But pushing back against porn culture and misogyny never is”. Penny White – Feminist Current, full article here.

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