Words Matter

* OUR WATCH: End violence against our Women And Their Children

“Domestic violence and Sexual violence are serious problems in Australia, and there is still a great deal of stigma attached to them both. When you’re reporting on domestic and sexual violence, you can help readers, listeners and viewers to see it as an important issue that everyone can take action on. You can report on this issue in a way that informs, educates, and contributes usefully to public dialogue…”


– Reporting on Sexual Violence guidelines HERE

– Reporting on Domestic Violence guidelines HERE

* EVAs Reporting Guidelines for Journalists

“lists current statistics, who to call for comment and ‘Dos and Don’ts’ on reporting on violence against women.

It is a two page document that can easily be printed, displayed in the workplace, and quickly referred to when preparing pieces on violence against women.”

“Reclaim the Night Perth condemns the practice of reporting family annihilators as though males killing their children and sometimes partners/ exes is not a pattern but simply a mystery occurrence.”

*For more details and to support their campaign asking for Responsible Reporting of Male Volence Against Women, see this sharable Facebook note and this blog post, Murder, Mystery & Misogyny in Oz

For more examples see:

Disability and murder: victim blaming at its very worst by Stella Young, 2014

Retired police officer kills daughters and self, 2015

There are also several examples in our count of Women allegedly murdered by known or suspected male violence in Australia, 2015

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