Women’s Rights in Retrograde, 2016

2016 and the human rights of females, our safe spaces, and prior advancements in our liberation, are continually being either diminished, fought against, or dictated to us in the name of trans inclusion, namely for biological males who identify as transwomen, transgender, gender fluid, gender queer, etc. A snapshot below (by no means complete).


  • See also: Transgender Censorship of Feminism: A Day In The Life, by Gender Trender, October 16, 2014“a snapshot (and not an exhaustive one!) of a single day in the censorship and McCarthyism of women, gays, lesbians, feminists, feminist allies, and transgender people (!) by the transgender male rights movement circa 2014.”

If anyone can be a woman, then...


July 8, 2016

-Petition to: Olympic Committee, Ensure #FairnessAtRio for Female Athletes, excerpt below:

“Earlier this year, the Olympic Committee reaffirmed and relaxed a rule that allows biological men to compete against biological women. Official Olympic guidelines were altered to allow “transgender” athletes to compete with the gender they identify as…

“Men have a biological advantage over women in terms of muscle mass, lung capacity, and size. Even non-political sources, such asPsychology Today, are forced to admit:

-“Men are physically stronger than women, who have, on average, less total muscle mass, both in absolute terms and relative to total body mass. . . . Men also have denser, stronger bones, tendons, and ligaments. . . .  Men have greater cardiovascular reserve, with larger hearts, greater lung volume per body mass, a higher red blood cell count, and higher haemoglobin.”-

“A test of strength among elite athletes showed that “the very strongest female athletes are barely above the median of grip strength for men.”

“These biological differences do not disappear when a man “decides” to be a female. The best argument that transgender activists can give is that “most” benefits of being biologically male disappear when a man undergoes testosterone-suppression and hormone therapy, but even these tentative assurance are not backed up by scientific evidence!”

-Related: Fallon Fox: Why Hormones Don’t Make a Woman, September 18, 2014, excerpt from GenderTrender below (use of Bold ours):

“On Saturday September 13, in a “cage” in the Springfield, Illinois Convention Center, a crowd gathered to watch something that happens thousands of times a day worldwide: a man battered a woman.

“Fallon Fox, a 38-year-old ex-military man and father, caused what many are calling career-ending injuries to his female mixed martial arts opponent, Tamikka Brents. In less than three minutes, Fox inflicted an orbital bone fracture, a concussion, and soft tissue injuries to Brents’ head so extensive that they required 8 surgical staples to close. This level of brutality, this male on female violence, is unlike anything previously seen in Women’s MMA

“In addition to the horrific level of bodily injury inflicted by a male onto a female competitor, the atmosphere surrounding this event was notable for the bizzare sexism and anti-lesbian public sentiment expressed by Fox and his fellow transgender community members leading up to and following Brents’ injuries…”

“…Lana Lawless, a 58-year-old man, launched a late-in-life career in women’s professional golf, and immediately became the World Champion in Women’s Long Drive competition. One observer remarked: “Guess what Lawless’ distance was at the 2008 Long Drive Championship? Three hundred thirty five yards. That’s nearly 100 yards longer than Paula Creamer’s average. And Lawless complained that taking the hormones had caused her to become weaker... Even European Tour player Laura Davies doesn’t hit a golf ball 335 yards.”

“Robert “Gabrielle” Ludwig, 52, a wealthy 6 foot 6 inch tall Silicon Valley programmer, launched a late-in-life career in women’s basketball at a Junior College. Not only was Ludwig granted a spot based on the old IOC guidelines, but the two-year play-time limit was waived because his transgendering was deemed to somehow erase his past years as a college player. He became “the leading scorer and rebounder, and this team is somewhat built around [him],” says the women’s team coach...” Full piece by GenderTrender here

June 20, 2016

‘Trans’ issue crowds out needs of homeless women: “Melbourne: The organisers of this weekend’s Rally Against the Housing Crisis mention the struggles of First Nations people, and ‘LGBTIQA+’people, and mention that ‘marginalised people are more likely to face violence in homelessness services’, but go on to describe this as being especially true for ‘trans women and femme homeless youth’…

“This is outrageous given that the largest subcategory of homeless in Victoria is those fleeing abusive domestic situations, most of whom are women and children. Women are not targetted for male violence because we identify with a ‘femme’ gender role, but because we are female, a biological reality we cannot identify our way out of.

Homelessness Australia further observes… women, particularly those reliant on either part-time wages/salaries or parenting payment (single), may be more at risk than men. One of the main reasons is related to gender-based economic/financial inequality. On the whole, women earn less income than men… Women are more likely to be victims of domestic and family violence, and because of this threat to their safety women (and children) are forced, or make decisions to leave their home. Over a third of women over the age of 15 have experienced physical, psychological and/or sexual violence at the hands of a current or former partner. Domestic and family violence is the number one reason why people present to specialist homeless services…”Read more here – ‘Trans’ issue crowds out needs of homeless women by Stop Trans Chauvinism

June 20, 2016

Head teachers at girl-only schools warn against calling girl pupils ‘girls‘, Headington School, Oxford, UK.

“Some of the country’s leading girl-only schools are suggesting their pupils should not be called girls in a bid to become more gender neutral.

“The Girl’s School Association (GSA) has said schools should instead consider addressing children merely as “pupils” and “students”… Staff at the City of London School for Girls have also started to address their pupils neutrally.

“The suggestion has come from the GSA’s annual Summer Briefing for Heads, which is the latest expert advice, guidelines and good practice on a wide range of issues. It also says schools have a duty of care to all pupils, including “those who decide to transition”… The advice was brought to the GSA’s attention by Gendered Intelligence“.

-Who are Gendered Intelligence? Their home page states “We work predominantly with the trans community and those who impact on trans lives; we particularly specialise in supporting young trans people aged 8-25. We deliver trans youth programmes, support for parents and carers, professional development and trans awareness training for all sectors and educational workshops for schools, colleges, Universities and other educational settings. Our mission is to increase understandings of gender diversity. Our vision is of a world where people are no longer constrained by narrow perceptions and expectations of gender, and where diverse gender expressions are visible and valued.”

June 16, 2016

-Washington University, Tacoma campus, progressive female leaders of national influence coming together in support of safe spaces for women, particularly in showers and bathrooms. A press conference and Q&A session addressing the need to bring into balance the civil rights of women and girls, a critically important but often marginalized piece of the national bathroom debate. Free and open to the public as space allows (speaker biographies here).

Why? Because when women try to have discussions about women’s rights among the trans movement we are silenced. Examples of the no-platforming of feminists and people who defend feminists rights to participate in public debates in recent years.

-A short snippet of these women just trying to begin the press conference and Q&A while TransActivists Shut Down Speech and Disrupt Moment of Silence for LG Orlando Victims via Magdalen Berns
Must-see footage of this ‘Women Speak Out’ Press Conference and Q&A, where “Women attempt a civil dialogue with Transgender activists over conflicting rights!via GenderTrender and justwantprivacy.org

June 15, 2016

Oxford University Student Union Council sent below email to student union members regarding their week 7 student union council meeting:

-Related screenshot (note; TERF is a slur used to silence women):

trans on abortion

Who Has Abortions?  Excerpt below:

I’m going to argue here that removing “women” from the language of abortion is a mistake. We can, and should, support trans men and other gender-non-conforming people. But we can do that without rendering invisible half of humanity and 99.999 percent of those who get pregnant…

Restricting abortion is all about keeping women under the male thumb: controlling women’s sexual and reproductive capacities is what patriarchy is all about. Indeed, that women should decide for themselves is controversial even now… Once you start talking about “people,” not “women,” you lose what abortion means historically, symbolically and socially…” full piece here, by Katha Pollitt, March 13, 2015

June 05, 2016

The Bias of the BBCexposé by Helen Saxby, Not The News in Brief, excerpt below:

“….the BBC knows this is a controversial subject. It has reported on the no-platforming of Germaine Greer, the trashing of Peter Thatchel and Mary Beard and the apparently controversial opinion of Ian McKewan that the male sex organ is normally associated with men. In the BBC’s editorial guidelines on controversial subjects it says: “When dealing with ‘controversial subjects’, we must ensure a wide range of significant views and perspectives are given due weight and prominence, particularly when the controversy is active.  Opinion should be clearly distinguished from fact.”

“And yet, despite an awareness of the disagreement between feminists (not the fun kind) and transactivists, there has been very little attempt to look at the issue from the point of view of  women’s rights. Getting Sarah Ditum onto Newsnight one time doesn’t count as a ‘wide range’ of views and perspectives, however articulate she was.” Read more here.

June 3, 2016

German ‘Lady*fest’ declares clitoris ‘exclusionary’by , Feminist Current, excerpt below (use of bold, ours):

Lady*fest, a feminist festival scheduled to take place June 22nd – 25th in Heidelberg, Germany, has declared the clitoris “exclusionary.”… protocol documents from the last planning meeting now explain that the clitoris is “problematic,” because it refers to female anatomy… The festival organizers have stated that, due to being a “queer Lady*fest,” it shouldn’t empower “only certain groups,” such as those with clitorises, and that the festival will not be “excluding any groups” by referencing female anatomy. Lady*fest claims these actions embody their policy, which translates to, “be tender to all genders,” and that being mindful of how female anatomy offends people will provide “a safer space to all human beings by applying awareness.” Full piece here.

-Related screenshot, the policing of women’s language when referring to our bodies:

trans female anatomy

June 2, 2016

New book for children aged 0 – 5 years of ageIntroducing Teddy: New Trans Book For Kids, excerpt of critical analyisis by Transgender trend: Parents questioning the trans narrative below:

“…The story begins and ends with the same lines except that ‘Thomas’ has now become ‘Tilly.’ The bow-tie which signified that Thomas was a boy teddy has changed to a hair bow, to signify that Tilly is now a girl teddy. Nothing else has changed.

“This is how easy it is to change your sex according to this primer for babies and toddlers, and this is what it means to be a boy or a girl…

“The author of this book, Jessica Walton, got the idea… when her father announced… he was really a woman, an experience she describes in only positive terms, and although she found books for children featuring gay parents, could find no books portraying transgender characters.

“Whereas in books featuring adult gay parents there is a clear agenda (acceptance of diversity) Walton has chosen to make the transgender character in this story not an adult male but a teddy bear (and therefore a child in the eyes of children), a very sympathetic character who also happens to be sexless, so there is a very different agenda here beyond ‘acceptance.’ There are no picture books for children featuring teddy bears ‘coming out’ as gay or lesbian, but Thomas, in reality, is far more likely to grow up to be gay, not transgender. So we have to ask why Bloomsbury is publishing and promoting a book which subtly conditions the youngest children into a belief that gender-role non-conformity in childhood means that you’re transgender. There is no other option presented here, even though becoming a transgender adult is by far the least likely outcome for these children.” Full piece here.

Research evidence: most gender dysphoric children grow up to be gay or lesbian, by 4thWaveNow, 2015, see also: Blocking puberty–and the right to an identity crisis by 4thWaveNow, February 8, 2016

-Information on Puberty blocking hormones: what are puberty blockers? The side effects, the dangers, what the doctors are saying, the studies – results and conclusions, available at  this “Puberty blockers“ masterpost

May 28, 2016

Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana supports women and girl’s rights to private sex segregated bathrooms, and therefore leaves activist group ACLU ‘very sad and disappointed’

“Dave Urbanski reports that this decision by the Reservation… “doesn’t sit well with ACLU Montana Executive Director Caitlin Borgmann”… echoed on the Facebook page of ACLU Montana, which also has attempted to drum up public outrage against the Reservation’s decision, before meeting with them to understand their reasoning.”

However – “Fort Peck Councilman Ed Bauer has explained that “We don’t have trouble with [the May 2016 Obama administration directive] in regards to transgender or gay people. We just have a problem with male adults using bathrooms with young girls.”

“Fort Peck Tribes website describes its history of brutal repression by the European invaders attempting to eradicate their culture in order to steal their land and impose their agenda.”

-Related: Toward an end to appropriation of Indigenous “Two Spirit” people in trans politics: The relationship between third gender roles and patriarchy, 2013

May 24, 2016

– Melbourne University Student Union votes to change ‘wom*n’ spelling back to woman, Herald Sun, Excerpt below:

“A meeting of the Melbourne University student union last week decided it would no longer spell “woman” or “women” as “wom*n” as it excluded transgender women… “(It) is no longer reflective of the modern Women’s Department. Its removal will make the department more accessible and inclusive,” the motion said.

“The meeting also voted to “update” the definition of “woman” because previously only people enrolled in the university as females were able to participate in the Women’s Department. The union said this had excluded transgender women but the new definition would be more inclusive of all women regardless of their assigned gender.

“…Dr Caroline Norma, who lectures on gender issues at RMIT’s School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, [said] “The asterisk distances the word woman from its obvious history of casting female humans as just a pale version of men”.

She also said “Now, the union embraces men as important members of the group ‘women’ without any concern for female students who face real problems of male violence and discrimination that are known statistically to be escalating.The student union should get back to the basics of defending female students who come from poor, rural, abused and Aboriginal backgrounds.”

Note: the writer refers to a “second-wave” feminism movement that was “largely exclusionary” of transgender women” in this article. This is a false statement used to silence feminists who are critical of the enforced rigid gender roles of masculinity and femininity and want to break down gender stereotypes. It is used as a slur by the transgender movement by way of the acronym TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist), see TERF is a slur – “documenting the abuse, harassment and misogyny of transgender identity politics”. And TERF is a silencing tool for more information on feminists who are name-called “TERFS”.

-See also: University of Melbourne Student Union votes to make feminism harder

May 15, 2016

Obama Administration advisory on application of ‘gender identity’ in schools. Funding is threatened if schools don’t allow male students who identify as transgender girls access to female only private spaces, including toilets, showers and locker rooms, pdf and text versions by STC, excerpt regarding funding below:

“As a condition of receiving Federal funds, a school agrees that it will not exclude, separate, deny benefits to, or otherwise treat differently on the basis of sex any person in its educational programs or activities unless expressly authorized to do so under Title IX or its implementing regulations.4 The Departments treat a student’s gender identity as the student’s sex for purposes of Title IX and its implementing regulations. This means that a school must not treat a transgender student differently from the way it treats other students of the same gender identity.”

Bourban and Black Tea – Tumblr on President Obama advising all Public High Schools to allow biological male teens who are transgender into female students bathrooms/changerooms, excerpt below:

“…what does Obama’s impending statement tell these girls? What does it tell every girl in this country, who wasn’t asked if they would feel safe and comfortable with boys in their bathrooms?
“It tells them the truth: that no one cares how they feel. Men don’t care: not the president, not the men in government, not the men who make laws, not the fucking liberal/leftist men who champion the trans agenda without any critical thinking whatsoever, not the boys they go to school with every day, and sure as fuck not trans-identifying males. They don’t care, they never did, and they never will. In fact, not only do they not care, but they’ve been waiting for this opportunity for decades: the opportunity to take away female space, to make female boundaries impossible, and to create a world in which males have 24/7 access to females, all while looking ~progressive~ and morally superior to anyone who disagrees. Obama’s statement is going to tell the girls of America the truth: men decide. Period. Men decide for women the conditions under which women live…” full piece here.

May 13, 2016

A Manhattan rec center struggles to make its locker rooms work for everyone, Time, Excerpt below:

“Girls from a swim team in New York City’s Upper West Side are too scared to use the women’s locker room at a Parks Department swimming pool. In March, a sign appeared noting that everyone has the the right to use the restroom or locker room consistent with their “gender identity or gender expression.” Around the same time, the girls, who range in age from about 7 to 18, became concerned after they saw a “bearded individual” in the women’s changing room.

“They are now using the family changing room to change in and out of their swimsuits, but it is not big enough for all 18 girls. Read more here

May 13, 2016

‘I Am a Transwoman’: Video Reveals This Transgender Individual’s Surprising Stance on Controversial Bathroom Policies, The Blaze, excerpt and short video – comprised of testimonies from a number of sexual assault victims, also includes comments from Jaqueline Sephora Andrews, a transgender individual who was born a man, but now identifies as a woman – below:

“I am a transwoman and a parent, but I totally reject this law. It’s a law that allows for any man to be able to say he’s a woman and access women’s spaces,” Andrews said. “I personally think there should be a separate space for trans or anyone that they can access, and at the same time it protects trans safety … and the privacy of anyone, especially women and children.”

Andrews continued, “I think it’s time that we care for women and children, that we care for the concerns of women and children, care for the safety of women and children and passing this law is not the way to do it.”

May 4, 2016

51 families sue feds, Chicago-area school district for violating student privacy, regarding the school district allowing a 14 year old biological male who identifies as a transgender girl to use the female toilets, showers and change rooms with female students, excerpt below:

“It’s a massive step backwards to force women to give up their inherent right to bodily privacy,” said Thomas More Society attorney Jocelyn Floyd. “To impose such a rule on still-developing teenage girls, as they’re already struggling with puberty’s changes on their bodies and social pressures to look a certain way, undermines their dignity and tells them that their rights don’t matter. This isn’t a message our schools should be sending to our girls.” full piece here.

VERIFIED COMPLAINT FOR INJUNCTIVE AND DECLARATORY RELIEFPlaintiffs. Students and Parents for Privacy, along with the plaintiffs identified by their initials in the caption above (the “Plaintiffs”) – Vs. – Defendants. United States Secretary of Education, United States Attorney General and School Directors of Township High School District 211, County of Cook and State of Illinois.

-Related, New Government Guidelines Jeopardise the Safety of Women and Girls, by Stephanie Davies-Arai, excerpt below:

“The new government guidelines… goes further than previous legislation in explicitly placing the rights of male-bodied part-time cross-dressers above the right to single-sex public bathroom facilities for women and girls.

“Sex-segregated toilets are not a luxury, they are a pre-requisite for women’s full participation in public life; some countries are still fighting for them as part of the push for women’s equality. The human right to dignity in itself should secure the provision of separate female public facilities, let alone the right to physical and psychological safety.”

April 30, 2016

Milwaukee Pride Parade strips Veteran Lesbian Activist Miriam Ben-Shalom of Grand Marshall Honors, by Gender Trender, excerpt below:

“The nameless members of the Milwaukee Pride Parade Board of Directors stripped legendary rights activist Miriam Ben-Shalom of her honored spot as Grand Marshall of the June 12, 2016 “Heroes of Pride” event after men monitoring her Facebook page noticed women had made posts there that were critical of the idea of heterosexual “male lesbians”.

“Miriam Ben-Shalom will be a familiar name to Lesbian and Gay Rights activists and historians. She was the first openly homosexual individual to be reinstated into military service after serving as plaintiff in multiple lawsuits and refusing a cash settlement.” Read more here

April 20, 2016

Sky News interview in Brighton, UK, re gender choices for 4-year-olds:

April 19, 2016

Brighton and Hove schools ask three-year-olds what gender, if any, they identify with, Brighton and Hove News, excerpt below:

“parents have raised concerns about being asked to support their three and four-year-olds to choose which gender, if any, they identify with when accepting a place for primary schools… One Brighton mother… said she objected to the question because it reinforces dangerous stereotypes of what makes someone a man or woman rather than challenging them. The mother also argued that children of this age don’t have a sophisticated enough understanding of gender issues, and asking them to make a distinction so young could have harmful ramifications later in life.

She said: “A boy who does not fit into the ‘masculine’ category should not be encouraged to believe that his body is wrong, rather schools should be encouraging that child to broaden their view of what is masculine. It is okay for boys to like pink. It is OK for boys to like playing with dolls. It is OK (later) for boys to be gay. None of these things make that boy a girl.

“Children at school should be free to develop their identity, celebrate their achievements and accept their bodies. The little boy who wants to wear a dress should be allowed to do that without being pathologised, diagnosed, and treated. Research has shown that 80% of children who experience gender dysphoria as children DO NOT transition in later life but instead are more likely to be gay…” Read more here

-Related analysis: transing a 5 year old tomboy, by Magdalen Berns, June 26, 2016

April 18, 2016

-The University of Washington Q Center’s new glossery of words

trans uni of washington female identified people

April 8, 2016

Nebraska Transwomen and Drag Queens stage protest against Gender Neutral bar bathroom

Tried to accommodate everyone.

“Transwomen of Omaha disagree. Requesting male patrons to stay out of women’s facilities stigmatizes penis owners, they claim.” “It’s just kind of fear mongering,” said former ‘Occupy Omaha’ organizer Joshua Koleszar, to KETV Channel 7 News.”

April 4, 2016

Screen shot via @CCriadoPerez Twitter

Screen shot via @CCriadoPerez Twitter

Non-men of the world unite to mock #GreenPartyFeminism, Feminist Current

“a representative for the Green Party suggested “non-male” members follow the Young Greens Women Twitter account. When some women challenged the use of the term, Green Party Women responded, defending their language.

“Unsatisfied with the notion that referring to women as “non-men” will somehow address marginalization, women took to Twitter, both by mocking the ludicrous language, as well as pointing out the incredibly sexist message that is sent by making men the default human — that which all other humans are secondary and comparable to. The Green Party is clearly unaware that this is, in fact, the entire basis of patriarchy — that is to say, the existence of a gender hierarchy, upon which men are placed at the top, and women below, always less human than men.” See responses here

March 7, 2016

Multan’s transgender community rejects Women Protection Bill, Dunya News, Pakistan, excert below (use of bold, ours):

“Transgender community has rejected Women Protection Bill and has announced to protest. The community has termed the bill against ‘man’s honour’ and demanded the government to review it. Members of the Shemale Association said the Women Protection Bill would not help in cases like Wani and denied inheritance… they said that [the bill] would escalate divorce cases.

[The Women Protection Bill was approved by the Punjab Assembly on Feb 24 and signed by the Punjab Governor Feb 29 after which a gazette notification was issued} “In the first phase, the bill will be implemented in Multan… The bill states that female victims of domestic violence cannot be evicted from homes without their consent and in case of such an event. The court will reinstate the concerned female’s position.

“The bill also states that those accused of throwing acid on women, rape and other grave offences will be restrained from visiting the female’s work place or areas. The offender may also be restrained by the court from contacting the woman based on the evidence submitted by her.

“The accused person will have to maintain the stated distance from the concerned female as ordered by the court in view of the events.”

February 15, 2016

– White man who identifies as a Hindu woman is a university women’s centre coordinator, Canada

“A white man named “Daphne Shaed,” who identifies as a “tranny cyborg Hindu woman” is on staff at the University of Victoria Women’s Centre. I clicked around a bit and discovered this charming stand-up comedy routine where he claims to be “asexual” and then spends the rest of the skit talking about how much porn he watches and tells the story of when he gave anal sex to someone who continuously said “ow.”

“It is rather ironic that he claims to be an activist for women’s rights and anti-racism while actively harming women and appropriating the traditional clothing of Hindu women. This racist, misogynist man is being supported by the University of Victoria Women’s Centre.”

Note: The University of Victoria Women’s Centres use of the word “attacked” in support of Shaed should be questioned, as there is no verification of, or details of, alleged “attack”, and also due to the transgender use of “attacked” and “violence” often relating to women knowing biological sex exists. A woman just mentioning or acknowledging female anatomy is also deemed “violence” and “transphobia”, see: Another college student group hosts a violent, transphobic cupcake party – and – What’s Current: ‘Project Vulva’ accused of being ‘violent to transwomen

-University of Victoria Women’s Centre, Canada, is now called The Third Space: For self-idendified women, non-binary, and gender fluid persons.

-Petition: We demand women’s space at UVic – “We call on the University of Victoria, the Student Union, and the Women’s Centre (unofficially the Third Space) to ensure that there are women-born-women only spaces where women can find community with one another and exercise our right to free speech.”

January 25, 2016

Sexual Assault Victims Speak Out Against Washington’s Transgender Bathroom Policies, excerpt below:

“Over and over again, women are told your abuse is not important, it’s not important to fund, it’s not important to protect. This is just one more way for us to know that our abuse doesn’t matter, that we’re not protected. And now I’m a fearmonger because I’m speaking out about it. I don’t accept it. I’m not. I’m not crying that the sky is falling. This is actually happening. It’s not a pretend thing, I wish it was.”

January 24, 2016

Maria Miller’s Report Puts Feminists In An Impossible Position, by Stephanie Davies-Arai, regarding the government’s recent transgender report, excerpt below:

“This report does not ask women to support transgender rights, it demands that we accept a definition of women which reinforces a limiting stereotype and at the same time deny the biological sex which is the basis of discrimination against women.

“If gender-based rights are enshrined in law, women will still suffer sex-based oppressions such as sexual assault, rape, FGM, and discrimination based on our perceived capacity to give birth, but we will lose the language to talk about it and the right to organise against it as women, along with all sex-based protections such as single-sex facilities and services.

“The report may look like little tweaks here and there to tighten up previous Acts, but it represents a fundamental shift: the process of erasing ‘sex’ and replacing it with ‘gender’ will become near-enough complete…

“…If the government had [just] called for tighter laws to protect this distinct group from discrimination, at the same time as ensuring women’s continued protection as a sex-based category, there would be no problem. Perhaps we could have then examined the issue of male violence against transsexuals and worked on real protections for that group.” Full piece here

January 16, 2016

Trans activist and MTT Sophia (Daryl) Bank’s interview promoting Algonquin College’s Acceptance Day presented by the Algonquin Queer Student Alliance, excerpt below (use of bold, ours):


Sophia Banks: Cisnormativity is when people think of cis as the default. When you say only women get pregnant that’s cisnormative because men get pregnant and non-binary people can get pregnant. The default assumption that cis bodies are everyone’s bodies kind of erases trans people.

“…I think a lot of that aggressive transphobia in feminism is starting to fade with the younger generation, but where I get a lot of resistance is in [womens] shelters. All the body-shaming and reasons why trans women shouldn’t be allowed in women’s shelters is the antithesis of feminism. If I’m not feminine or I can’t afford to remove my facial hair, I’m not pretty enough and I’m not allowed in a woman’s shelter.”

Miranda Yardley female biology via FemalesLikeUs Twiter
How men are using gender identity to deny male privilege, by Lavender Blume, December 23, 2015, excerpt below:
” It is not possible in a patriarchal system for men to be both the oppressors and oppressed relative to women. Please note that I’m not addressing transsexual or transgender people in this post; my focus here is men who don’t have dysphoria, who aren’t trans in any honest sense of the word, who are obscuring the fact that they possess privilege by adopting the language and theory of gender identity…
“…No matter how females identify, our being visibly female marks us as targets. No amount of eschewing certain pronouns, titles, or identities insulates us from this. And just as you can’t identify your way out of being oppressed, you can’t identify your way out of being a member of an oppressor class. Agender and non-binary men would do well to remember this. Whatever your views on gender identity, it can’t hurt to look a little more closely at a concept that remains a mystery to most people but is shaping legislation around the world….” How men are using gender identity to deny male privilege

^^video^^ A Veneer of Gender Non-Conformity by MiriamAfloat

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