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“You need to look at cultural links, the very broad culture in Australia of continuing acceptance of male superiority and women being objectified, men feeling like they have an almost right to assert authority over women.” – Heather Nancarrow, Director of the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research at Central Queensland University

No To Violence (NTV) and Men’s Referral Service (MRS) Australia

– NTV publications include manuals, books, journals, monographs, brochures and online resources that address male family violence. HERE

* Male Violence begets Male Violence “In a world wherein men learn they not only deserve, but have the right to women’s bodies, Rodger’s behaviour isn’t really all that surprising. From the time they are young, boys are offered women’s bodies. They are provided with pornography, told that this is what women are for: your eyes, your pleasure, your dick.

Men and boys learn that what they want, they should have. That their every fantasy should be fulfilled. That prostitution even exists is proof of this message. That we live in a rape culture and a porn culture is further proof. What exactly did we think would come of telling men that sex is a right? That women owe it to them?” Meghan Murphy. Read More HERE

* The Hypocrisy of Left Wing Right-On Dudes. “Feminism needs more men who are willing to stand up in the fight against domestic violence and sexual violence. But, we need men who aren’t hypocrites. We need men that understand the systemic nature of VAW and who are willing to start changing the misogynistic discourse which places all women on a spectrum of Patriarchal Fuckability. We need men who do understand that Hugh Hefner’s “relationship” with his multiple girlfriends were abusive. We need men to understand that abusing the body of a prostitute is VAW; that pornography is VAW. 

We need men who understand that misogyny is just as harmful to society as racism, homophobia and disablism are.

We need men who aren’t hypocrites.” Read more here