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They call it Fantasty – Andrea Dworkin

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The underworld of the US sex trafficking; if there were no johns. there would be no prostitutes

‘The three most common forms of sex trafficking involve pimp-controlled prostitution, commercial-front brothels, and escort services. Stevens says systemic failures, augmented by a personal history of sex abuse and poverty, send women spiralling into the hands of a trafficker. Speaking of her work with survivors over the past 18 years, she said: “I have never met a woman who’s never been raped.”’ READ MORE

“It is a neoliberal point of view that it is their choice. If you were given a choice between cleaning McDonald’s toilets or being penetrated by ten different men for money, being told to [perform sexual acts] that you have no desire for, the way your body is being used is very different. Scrubbing toilets is not as horrendous as having to open up your body to be invaded and used as if you were unconscious.”

“If the sex trade were a choice that supposedly liberates women, wouldn’t we all be liberated by now? What with pornography making up over a third of the whole Internet, and with the global sex industry estimated at being worth over $7000 billion (nearly ten years ago by the EU). So why is male sexual violence, sexualcoercion, sexual assault, global trafficking in childen, self-harm, objectification and eating disorders as well assuicide rates all on the rise for girls and women in a whole variety of countries?” Laura McNally


“I think it important to look at why many of the prostituted will say loudly that it is fine and their free choice. This is usually said when the prostitute is embedded in the sex trade, and could be seen as words implanted in her to prevent her seeing the reality of no freedom and lack of human rights. It is common in domestic violence, for women to say they love their abuser and that he is capable of change if she just fits into his will. It is common that women and girls who are raped by someone they know, to blame themselves and say he did not mean any real harm.

We would choose to see this as not facing reality, and would hear their words but take action to remove them from the male violence. But when we meet a “happy hooker”, all logic goes out the window. We do not think that she could be brainwashed or too frightened to see the reality of male violence that makes up all prostitution. We refuse to know that to survive hell, the prostituted may build up a world where she is in control and it is her choice.

Even if a woman does choose to enter the sex trade, this does little or nothing to protect her from rape or torture. For punters do not care why a prostitute enters the sex trade or her back-story, if he is going to be violent it makes no difference. That is why we must keep the focus on the demand, and not the individual reasons for entering prostitution.” Rebecca Mott

Trauma and Prostitution – Scientists for a world without prostitution 

“After 3 years in prostitution, I almost jumped out a window – from the third floor. That was how prostitution made me feel, – that I had nothing to live for. I had been sexually violated so many times, that there was almost nothing left of me – neither inside, or outside. I was nothing. I was worth nothing. I felt completely useless. I was a machine for other people’s amusement, their sexual desires and their perverse exploitation.
I spent 9 years in therapy, to get where I am today. And even though I persist in telling about the violence experienced in prostitution I still live with the traumas and the re-traumatizing. But we, as survivors have to. We have to keep on telling about the violence, so no one will ever forget or be manipulated into thinking, that prostitution is even close to something you can define as sexwork.”

Impacts on Women

* Male Violence begets Male Violence “In a world wherein men learn they not only deserve, but have the right to women’s bodies, Rodger’s behaviour isn’t really all that surprising. From the time they are young, boys are offered women’s bodies. They are provided with pornography, told that this is what women are for: your eyes, your pleasure, your dick.

Men and boys learn that what they want, they should have. That their every fantasy should be fulfilled. That prostitution even exists is proof of this message. That we live in a rape culture and a porn culture is further proof. What exactly did we think would come of telling men that sex is a right? That women owe it to them?” Meghan Murphy. Read More HERE

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