Male Violence

Why our work is important Danny Blay talking about the profound impact of male violence on women, children and our community. Watch the short video HERE, follow Danny on Twitter HERE

1 in 5 men report committing domestic violence

“Twenty percent of American men report “pushing, grabbing, shoving, throwing something, slapping or hitting, kicking, biting, beating up, choking, burning or scalding, or threatening a partner with a knife or gun.” But no doubt more than 20 percent are responsible for the roughly 320,000 outpatient health visits and 1,200 deaths among women due to intimate partner violence that occur in the U.S. each year.

“When people think of men who abuse their partners, they often think of violent people who they have never come across,” Singh said. ”However, our study showed one out of every five men in the U.S. reported physical violence toward an intimate partner. It’s likely that we’ve all met these men in our daily environment. This is an issue that cuts across all communities, regardless of race, income, or any other demographics”.” READ MORE

The overwhelming maleness of murder

“Rodger’s spree was not a result of mental illness, or the pressure to be masculine placed on him by society – instead, it was the result of the culture of male privilege that exists in society, a culture that made Rodgers feel as though he was entitled to a woman’s attention and love. When he did not receive this attention, or felt as though others were undeservedly receiving it, he acted with violence and anger. As a white-passing, middle-class male, he was used to getting what he wanted – and when he didn’t get something he believed he deserved, simply for being a man, the results were catastrophic. Although Cerys Marie Yemm’s murder happened in another country and under different circumstances to Rodger’s spree, it is difficult to not connect the two, in the same way that it is difficult to not connect all murder cases that involve a white male killing a woman.” READ MORE

Porn and domestic violence: NSW police says respect for women from young men is crucial

“Pornography is fuelling an increase in the number of young people committing acts of domestic violence, one of the state’s top cops says.

NSW Police assistant commissioner Mark Murdoch said teaching young men how to respect women was a critical “battle front” in the fight against domestic abuse.” READ MORE

“I think every girl is a type of slut”: what an attempted mass murderers words reveal about our sexual culture

“…we should be alarmed that these outlier men are driven by attitudes that are everything but outlying. We should be concerned when a mass murderer’s — or attempted mass murderer’s — manifesto reflects widespread beliefs. The rants about girls not going for nice guys and the bile directed at women for being slutty? It’s all utterly familiar. Take away the actual threats of murder and these remarks could just as easily have come from an unremarkable college virgin, hapless online dater or Salon commenter — sorry, but it’s true! — as Moynihan, Rodger or Sodini. In fact, you can even leave inthe threat of violence and still have something uncannily resembling what many women encounter daily online, if not also in the real world.

I’m not sure that there has ever been a clearer expression of the deeply fucked-upedness of our attitudes toward sex.

At the root of all this is male sexual entitlement and the desire to control female sexuality. That has been going on since the dawn of time and it continues today in all sorts of sickly ingenious ways — from blaming women for their own sexual assaults to restricting access to birth control and abortion. It’s no surprise that as women have gained greater sexual autonomy, a certain kind of man has gotten much, much angrier. By “a certain kind of man,” I mean any man who has been poisoned by our culture’s toxic masculinity, and who doesn’t get that to which he feels so entitled (read: any woman he wants).” READ MORE

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Images – Women’s rights advocate Maxx Arturo

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