Gail Dines, PhD, “Winning the Argument: Messaging to Young Adults”

Video HERE – Dr. Gail Dines gave this keynote address. She discussed how pop culture industries—from Internet pornography to MTV—bombard society with sexualized images of ideal women and men, and convey powerful messages that shape our sexuality while promoting inequality and rape culture.

Dr. Dines is an author and professor of sociology and women’s Studies at Wheelock College, where she is also chair of the American Studies department, as well as a worldwide leader in the effort against sexual exploitation as President of Stop Porn Culture ( She has been researching, writing and speaking about the damaging effects of pornography for well over twenty years. Watch video HERE

Pornography and Fantasy – Jonah Mix

“If asked, I imagine most men would not say that they value their pornography more than they value the right of the marginalized to name and confront the prejudices that oppress them. But in practice, that’s exactly the choice many of us have made by shutting down the feminist critique of the sex industry.” READ MORE

They call it Fantasty – Andrea Dworkin

Watch short video HERE

Porn and domestic violence: NSW police says respect for women from young men is crucial

“Pornography is fuelling an increase in the number of young people committing acts of domestic violence, one of the state’s top cops says.

NSW Police assistant commissioner Mark Murdoch said teaching young men how to respect women was a critical “battle front” in the fight against domestic abuse.” READ MORE

Impacts on Women

* Male Violence begets Male Violence “In a world wherein men learn they not only deserve, but have the right to women’s bodies, Rodger’s behaviour isn’t really all that surprising. From the time they are young, boys are offered women’s bodies. They are provided with pornography, told that this is what women are for: your eyes, your pleasure, your dick.

Men and boys learn that what they want, they should have. That their every fantasy should be fulfilled. That prostitution even exists is proof of this message. That we live in a rape culture and a porn culture is further proof. What exactly did we think would come of telling men that sex is a right? That women owe it to them?” Meghan Murphy. Read More HERE

Countless studies have since shown that exposure to pornography desensitizes men to violence against women, often shaping their sexuality in such a way that they become unable to experience arousal without some element of dominance or violence. The evidence has been so damning that, at times, universities have refused to allow further research on the topic. When a study shows detrimental effects that cannot be reversed, ethics boards will often refuse similar studies to go on. This has happened repeatedly with research on the effects of pornography.”

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