Man Murders Woman 2015

Women allegedly murdered by known/suspected Male Violence Australia 2015

Male pattern violence against women is the problem – CountingDeadWomen

#CountingDeadWomen #MVAW Not all men? Well, actually… – Alicen Grey


Man Murders Woman 2016 – Women Shout Out Australia and Reclaim the Night Perth are recording women allegedly murdered by known/suspected Male Violence in Australia in 2016 “to ensure that we maintain the focus on male violence against women started by REAL for Women.”


Do you need help or want to report male violence? please contact:

1800 Respect 1800 737 732, 24 hour sexual assault & domestic violence support

Statewide Sexual Assault Helpline 1800 010 120, 7:30am to midnight daily

If you are feeling unsafe right now, call 000


* It has been over two weeks since we have heard that a woman has been murdered by a man. Please don’t think that this means the violence has stopped. The number of deaths remains static however, three men have been charged with serious offences for crimes against women, and who knows how many women have been damaged forever? December 29, A South Australian man Jason Greatbatch, 35, charged with attempted murder after travelling 2000km to Mackay QLD to stab his ex-partner Teagan Moore, 21, twice in the stomach while she was holding her baby, and her new partner and father of her baby, Jake Burgess, 23, once in the stomach, both were admitted to hospital in serious conditions, their baby suffered minor injuries.December 23, Ulverstone, Tasmania, man charged with attempted murder over stabbing of 44 year old woman known to him. December 14, A Brisbane man, 51, charged with attempted murder after stabbing a woman, 43, several times in her upper body. By 6:30am every day, police in Australia have already dealt with 195 domestic violence matters. By 10:30am, the tally has risen to 315. This is every day, and it is unacceptable. ‪#‎MaleViolence‬‪#‎ToxicMasculinity‬ See also: Man Assaults Woman 2015

December 12

71/ – A 29 year old woman, was “killed in domestic incident” by a man known to her, South hedland, Pilbara region, WA. Police have charged the man, 33, with aggravated grievous bodily harm, after they found the woman’s body during a welfare check. Major Crime Squad detectives said “the charge could be upgraded, pending the outcome of a post-mortem examination“. Investigations are continuing and police urge anyone who heard or saw anything suspicious in the Brodie Crescent area between 6pm Friday and 6.30am Saturday to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report the information online at

*The suspected murder of a woman is not an “incident”. – #MysteryIsMisogyny 

* It has been over two weeks since we have heard that a woman has been murdered by a man. Please don’t think that this means the violence has stopped. The number of deaths remains static however, four men have been charged with serious offences for crimes against women, and who knows how many women have been damaged forever? December 10, A Sydney man, 24, was charged with wound person and intent to cause grievous bodily harm and reckless wounding after allegedly stabbing a 22-year-old woman in her neck, shoulder and abdomen, and her 49-year-old mother in her arm. November 30, An Adelaide man, 40, was arrested and charged with the aggravated assault causing serious harm and unlawful detention of a 30 year old woman during November 28, 29, 30, he was also charged with breach of bail. November 27, NT police charged a man with “four serious family violence incidents” including; Aggravated assault (x5), Sexual intercourse without consent, Deprive a person of personal libertyNovember 25, QLD man arrested after he allegedly held his pregnant partner captive with a knife to her throat. A neighbour said police had been called to the address three times in the past week. By 6:30am every day, police in Australia have already dealt with 195 domestic violence matters. By 10:30am, the tally has risen to 315. This is every day, and it is unacceptable. ‪#‎MaleViolence‬‪#‎ToxicMasculinity‬ See also: Man Assaults Woman 2015

November 21

70/ – A 36 year old woman, assaulted by her male partner, “consistent with punches to the face” found dead in “suspicious circumstances” after police were called to a suspected drug overdose, Woollongong, NSW. Adrian McDonald, 34, was arrested at the scene and charged with “assault occasioning actual bodily harm”, bail was refused. November 22, McDonald, 34, appeared via video link at Port Kembla local court facing charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. “Police prosecutor Michael Knight told the court police Were Not opposed to McDonald’s conditional bail, despite the serious charge against him.” He also said, “In the facts before the court, this is a [domestic violence] assault only, notwithstanding that there is a deceased victim”.  The police prosecutor also said there had been “some partial admissions to an assault, consistent with punches to the face of the victim” by McDonald, as well as suggestion by him of drug use and abuse.

*Police prosecutor Michael Knight has confirmed once again that our justice system cares very little for the safety and lives of women. Is repeatedly punching a woman in the face not reason enough for refusing bail? Should a man who values the life of women so little really be put straight back out into our society? We know the answers, and we also painfully know the results. “Sgt Knight said police were also not opposed to McDonald’s bail because “as crass as it may be to suggest, there is no concern as to the protection of the victim, as the victim had died.”  

November 13

69/69 year old Gloria Anne Reilly, was fatally assaulted by a man in a unit, Geraldton, WA. The man has been charged with unlawful assault causing death and refused bail. November 16Damien Michael Reilly, 42, appeared before Geraldton Magistrate’s Court charged with unlawful assault leading to the death of Gloria. He was not required to enter a plea and was remanded in custody until December 7 for a bail application.

* It has been over a week since we have heard that a woman has been murdered by a man. Please don’t think that this means the violence has stopped. The number of deaths remains static however, two men have been charged with attempted murder, and who knows how many women have been damaged forever? Richelle Kadadi spent days in a critical condition in intensive care after being allegedly beaten by her male partner Albert Proud, November 8, Brisbane. Proud, 27 has been charged with attempted murder while Richelle remains in the care of a brain trauma specialist at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in a serious condition. And a 34 man was charged, November 5, with nine charges, including attempted murder, acts intended to commit grievous bodily harm and serious assault after “a 31-year-old woman, known to the man, was allegedly assaulted and threatened with a firearm and machete”. “it will also be alleged the man moved towards an officer with the machete before a Taser was deployed and the man was detained. No one was physically injured during the [attack]”. By 6:30am every day, police in Australia have already dealt with 195 domestic violence matters. By 10:30am, the tally has risen to 315. This is every day, and it is unacceptable. ‪#‎MaleViolence‬‪#‎ToxicMasculinity‬ See also: Man Assaults Woman 2015

November 2

68/ – 36 year old Melinda Horner, murdered by her current male partner, Dave Lee, 46, who then killed himself, Burleigh Waters, QLD. “Police are treating the deaths of two people at a Gold Coast property as a murder-suicide.” “Police are treating Ms Horner’s death as suspicious however Mr Lee’s death is not being treated as suspicious.” Her body was found in a car outside their house by visiting friends, who then found his body inside the house. Limited information. November 4Melinda Horner’s friends feared for her safety and pleaded with her to leave: “A couple of weeks ago Mel said he choked her when she tried to leave. “We begged her to go to the police but she didn’t. “She told us Dave would threaten to kill himself whenever she tried to leave but no-one thought he ever would.”

*At the time of publishing these articles, the Brisbane Times and channel 9 News were aware Melinda had been murdered by her current male partner who then killed himself, yet they both failed to advise of domestic violence services or support lines for women in abusive relationships with men, instead offering suicide and depression hotlines.

Failing to provide contacts for other women living with or fleeing male violence, while providing suicide and depression hotlines, also props up the notion that men who murder their partners before killing themselves were simply “depressed”, “isolated”, even “provoked”. The abusers and murderers of women are made into the victims.

1800 RESPECT should be forefront at the bottom of any article reporting on women murdered by male violence. Followed by a men’s referral service that works with men in the prevention of male violence against women like Then suicide and depression hotlines like lifeline. For more information on the responsible reporting of Male Violence Against Women, see #MysteryIsMisogyny by Reclaim the Night – Perth

*Suspicious/Related/Limited Information: November 2Woman found dead by police, Aflred St, Gympie, QLD. “Police have not ruled out the possibility of suspicious circumstances… Police have cordoned off the house and investigations are continuing into the cause and circumstances of the death.”

October 24

67/44 year old Danielle Miller, Update – October 29: Allegedly strangled to death in her home by Robert Graham Thomas, 49, he was arrested and charged with her murder and 6 counts of theft. Bail was refused. October 24: Danielle was found dead at her home by police after a welfare check, her death is being treated as suspicious and a crime scene was established at her home, Greenslopes, Brisbane, QLD. Detective Acting Inspector Tony Geary told media in Brisbane yesterday, “we are getting information to the effect that a man was seen in the vicinity in the early hours of Friday morning”, with detectives investigating reports a man was seen banging on her door. “Witnesses have told detectives they could hear an argument at Ms Miller’s house on Thursday night”. Detectives are canvassing the area around her home and SES workers have scoured the street looking for clues. October 25, Channel 9 News video: A Brisbane mother of two has been found dead in her home overnight, with police now searching for her murderer.

*The same day Thomas appeared in court charged with murdering Danielle, October 29, Brisbane Times journalist, Kristian Silva, devoted an entire article to report what a “non violent” “joker” his wife in the Philippines thought he was. Leading with “The man charged with the murder of Danielle Miller is kind and had never shown any signs of violence, his wife says.” following shortly after with “Never in my life I could imagine my husband like that. He never hit me once. He is just a quiet person.” “He is very friendly actually. We got to know each other very well.” “He is a joker, we laugh a lot and we don’t argue as a couple. I don’t believe that he will hurt someone.”

Not only has @kristian_silva minimised Danielle’s life and favoured her murderer as a top bloke in his ‘news’ story, despite being charged with her murder. He has also taken advantage of a clearly vulnerable woman to push his ‘murderer of woman was top bloke, wife says’ narrative. 

Action: tweet the article to @kristian_silva and @ asking them to report Male Violence Against Women responsibly using these guidelines – Words Matter, with the hashtag #MysteryIsMisogyny and a link to Reclaim The Night Perth’s #MysteryIsMisogyny campaign. More info on RTN Perth’s campaign here.

October 22

66/68 year old Maureen Boyce, allegedly stabbed in the abdomen by her male ex-partner, 63, in her apartment, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, QLD. October 24, Thomas Chris Lang, 63, appeared in court charged with murdering her.

October 20

65/38 year old Indigenous woman Rachel Anne Michael, found dead in her unit by a friend, Major Crime Squad detectives and forensic police spent the night at the premises, investigating her “suspicious death“, Langford, Perth, WA. October 22, Police launch a murder investigation and a public information plea regarding the events surrounding the suspected homicide of Rachel. Detective Senior Sergeant Tom Mills said Rachel “suffered injuries but would not give details”. He also said he was sure the friend that found her dead on the evening of the 20th would have been “shocked by what they had seen”. Police are asking for anyone who may have been in contact with Rachel after October 7 to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Senior Sergeant Tom Mills said there was “indication her body had been laying in her apartment for some time“. [October 20, Rachel’s unit block cordoned off for ongoing investigations. “Neighbours said police door knocking in the area woke them up after midnight to ask if they had seen or heard anything suspicious”.

*Rachel is the 9th Indigenous woman to be allegedly murdered by known or suspected male violence in Australia this year. As Celeste Liddle notes in Counting Dead Aboriginal Women, “We [aboriginal women] make up nearly 3% of the population yet are currently represented in this list between 3-4 times what our population parity rates would be”. As of Oct 24: 13.24% – 9 / 68.

Celeste also notes, “As someone who has left violence herself, I find it difficult to talk about this topic. The only time I really have is when I have made the argument that this is an issue of the patriarchy and that it is not just an issue in remote communities because our women aren’t free from it in cities either”. #stopthecarnage #womenslivesmatter #blacklivesmatter

October 19

64/ – 51 year old Simone Mottram, stabbed to death by her son, Bradley Craig Mottram, 19, in her home, Inverell, NSW. Police have arrested him and charged him with her murder. He did not apply for bail and it was formally refused by Magistrate Michael O’Brien.

October 14

Update: A 52-year-old woman was arrested and charged with her murder, and wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, December 1, Bega Police Station. [26 year old Marnielee Maree Cave, identified October 19: Her death following autopsy has today officially been declared murder October 14: her body was found under Mogareeka Bridge at Tathra and her death is being treated as suspicious, NSW. Investigators from the Far South Coast Local Area Command are working with detectives from the Homicide Squad. They have renewed an appeal for information as they investigate the circumstances surrounding Ms Cave’s death.

October 9

63/ –  59 year old Penny Bailey‘s body has been found in bushland, October 8, following her suspicious disappearance from the home she shared with her son on October 6, Melbourne, VIC. Her son, Stephen Bailey, 34, has been charged with her murder. He was arrested before his mother’s body was located by investigators near the Mullum Mullum Creek in Donvale. Penny was last seen October 4, after having dinner with one of her daughters. [October 6: Police have appealed for the son of a missing Melbourne woman to come forward after she disappeared in suspicious circumstances… The Victoria Police homicide squad has set up a crime scene at the home but they would not say what they found there… “I’m not going to specifically talk about what we’ve seen at the scene. Let’s just say we’re concerned enough that we’re actively involved in the investigation as of this morning.” Detective Inspector Hughes said cars at the house were being forensically examined and Penny’s 34-year-old son Stephen Bailey’s communications, including his phone, were also under investigation.]

*Suspicious/Related/Limited Information: October 8An “elderly woman”, found dead in burnt out car on a property, Mockinya, Victoria. The Coronor will investigate her death. “Investigators from the Victoria Police Arson and Explosives Squad in Melbourne were at Mockinya with Horsham Crime Investigation Unit investigators on Friday.”

October 2

62/ – A 47 year old Indigenous woman – *Update: October 4, The 49 year old man has been charged with the murder of his sister. It is alleged he struck her with a wooden implement during a ‘domestic dispute’. October 2  – she was declared deceased at a residence after police received a report of a “collapsed woman”, her death is being treated as suspicious. A 49 year old man is in police custody and a crime scene has been established, Yirrkala community, Arnhem Land, NT.

September 27

61/32 year old Corinne Henderson, fatally stabbed, allegedly by her ex male partner after he broke into her unit. Dane Andrew Pilcher, 36, has been arrested, accused of murdering Corrine, Townsville, QLD. Due to self inflicted injury he has been remanded in police custody in hospital, a bedside hearing was held September 30 and will return to court in November.

“Police will allege Dane Andrew Pilcher, 36, of Kirwan, was jealous when he saw a photo his ex-girlfriend Corinne Henderson, 32, uploaded to Facebook with a new boyfriend… It will be further alleged Pilcher, a former soldier, drove to her Oonoonba Rd apartment complex, gained entry and stabbed Ms Henderson to death.” Townsville police say selfie could have led to alleged stabbing murder –
*Admins note: the excuses men are making to justify why they allegedly murdered these women are ridiculous. It is male entitlement and male pattern violence plain and simple. You don’t stab someone to death because your feelings are hurt. And you don’t victim blame a woman who has just been stabbed to death by an entitled man.
So we can’t walk in parks or take selfies now? #MVAW

*Support Reclaim the Night Perth’s #MysteryIsMisogyny campaign encouraging media to follow responsible reporting guidelines when men murder women.
*Related – Men Offer Abhorrent Excuses For Killing Women. Don’t Repeat Them; When media outlets report killers’ claims as fact, they do victims a profound disservice. by Melissa Jeltsen

September 26

60/ – 33 year old Simone Quinlan – *Update: September 30, A body found in a disused mine shaft is believed to be missing Melbourne woman Simone Quinlan. following a search for her by Detectives. September 26 – Three men, Brendan Neil, 28, Dylan Jez, 23, and Wayne Marmo, 24, have been charged with murdering Ms Quinlan. “It is alleged Ms Quinlan was murdered near the town of Bacchus Marsh, about 14 kilometres west of Melton”, by these 3 men on August 25. [last seen at a Caltex Service station in Melton on August 24th, a friend reported her missing on September 13, Melbourne. Detective Sergeant Graham Hamilton had said Ms Quinlan was having “relationship troubles in the days before she disappeared and had been reaching out to people looking for a place to stay”.

September 22

59/37 year old Kirralee Paepaerei, stabbed to death in her face and chest in her home, she was also 7 months pregnant, Mount Druitt, Sydney. Her male partner, 38, turned himself in to police a short time later, It is expected he will be charged with murder, police say. Her son, 15, is believed to have “left the home when the couple of two years started arguing and returned home after midnight to find his mother’s body.” “Mt Druitt crime manager Detective Inspector David Goddard told reporters the son was distraught and traumatised. He confirmed she was seven months pregnant and had four children.” “A scene examination is continuing at the house. Police would not say if a weapon had been recovered.”

*Besides the ABC template, reporter Andrew Koubaridis was the only reporter in Australian news releases that offered contact details for women suffering domestic violence – “If you or someone you know is affected by domestic violence, please call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732)” See more at #MysteryIsMysoginy by Reclaim The Night Perth

September 15

*Update – September 20, bushwalkers found a woman’s body believed to be that of missing Gold Coast woman Belinda Lee. Mr Lee said he and his wife “had a tiff” the night she went missing, and police said they held concerns for Mrs Lee’s mental health. Police say early investigations indicate there are no suspicious circumstances, with a report now being prepared for the Coroner. [*Missing 57 year old Belinda Jane Lee, disappeared from her Earle Plaza business in the early hours of Tuesday and has not contacted her family since, Gold Coast, QLD. Gold Coast police say they have concerns for the safety. Description available.]

September 11

58/ – 20 year old Jody Meyers, *Update: September 25, a body believed to be Jody Meyers was found buried under concrete in a tool shed in the backyard of Neil Archer’s parents property, Mannum.  September 24, Neil Archer, 29, has been arrested on charges for murdering Jody Meyers – [last seen leaving a family gathering with male partner, Neil Archer on August 26, was today declared a major crime, police believe she is deceased, Mannum, SA. Her  male partner, Neil Archer, has been identified as a “person of interest”. Police divers from the water operations squad searched the River Murray, Mannum, with mounted officers searching local bushland.” Detective Inspector Greg Hutchins said, “at this stage we have grave concerns for her, we believe she’s probably met foul play.” He also said police were working with child protection staff regarding the custody of Ms Meyer’s and Neil Archer’s toddler.

September 10

57/49 year old Karina Lock –  died within minutes after being shot in the head by her former partner, Stephen Lock, in a McDonald’s restaurant, Helensvale, Gold Coast, QLD.  Lock, 57,  then shot himself, surviving his self inflicted injuries, dying the next day in Gold Coast hospital. Karina had left the relationship last month moving to the Gold Coast with her teenage daughter. It is believed Karina agreed to meet her former partner at the McDonald’s restaurant that morning, where a witness claims he saw them sitting in a blue car in the McDonald’s car park, noticing the woman trying to get out of the car and being restrained by the man. “She got out and yelled something to the effect that he was trying to kill her,” the witness said. “She came inside and he sat in the car for about 30 seconds to a minute. In that time one of the other guys who was near me was saying ‘Don’t come out, don’t get out of the car’. “Then he opened his hand and showed he had a gun in it … a small handgun. He came in, pointing in our direction and we moved off and he went straight to her. “He put his arm around her upper body … and shot her.” before shooting himself. *STEPHEN Lock was a controlling and abusive husband.

September 9

56/24 year old Tara Brown, in a critical condition after being beaten by her ex-partner on September 8, died after her life support system was turned off, Gold Coast, QLD . Lionel Patea, 24, was charged with attempted murder after ramming her car off the road then beating her with a metal object while she was trapped in the car. Less than a week earlier she had sought a domestic violence order against him. She had gone to the police station with friends last Thursday and showed them text messages on her mobile phone. But the police had no advice to offer, a friend said. Last night police revealed the advice given to Ms Brown at Southport police station was under investigation. “The appropriateness of the police response … has been reported to the Queensland Police Service Ethical Standards Command and is currently being investigated by a senior officer,” the official statement said.” Police will allege Patea was waiting for her yesterday morning after she dropped their three-year-old daughter at day care. The attempted murder charges will now be upgraded to murder.

September 8

55/ A 63 year old woman, and her 7 year old grandson, found dead on their neighbours front lawns “by police after being called to a domestic violence ‘incident’, the woman suffered “significant and horrific” injuries in the attack (Detective Superintendent Gary Merryweather)”, “according to unconfirmed reports the pair appeared to have been hit with a blunt object and also stabbed”, Lalor Park, Sydney, NSW. Her son, 35, “allegedly armed with a knife, was found nearby and has been taken into custody at Blacktown Police Station”. He was today, Sept 9,”charged with two counts of murder and one count of assaulting police“. Police said the boys siblings, aged between 10 and 19, were left “traumatised after witnessing the deaths’ of their grandmother and their seven-year-old brother”. The man was known to police. *Admin note: Violent murders by a male perpetrator are not, ‘incidents’, ‘deaths’  or an ‘attack’, they are murders.

* It has been over a week now since we have heard that a woman has been murdered by a man. Please don’t think that this means the violence has stopped. The number of deaths remains static but who knows how many women have been damaged forever? Tara Brown, 24 is on life support tonight after being allegedly run off the road and repeatedly beaten with a metal bar in her crumpled car by her partner. A 38 year old Maitland woman suffered serious head injuries earlier today after allegedly being attacked with a hammer by her former partner. He has been charged with attempted murder. By 6:30am every day, police in Australia have already dealt with 195 domestic violence matters. By 10:30am, the tally has risen to 315. This is every day, and it is unacceptable. ‪#‎MaleViolence‬ ‪#‎ToxicMasculinity‬

*Suspicious/Related/Limited Information: September 4 – A woman in her 20’s, fatal balcony “fall”, “A crime scene was established and investigations into the circumstances surrounding her death commenced”.

*”Australia has a case of the Clumsy Women, falling over balconies, falling over cliffs, falling down difficult-to-climb-into garbage chutes; you name it, they have fall down, off, or into it. Or perhaps just “unexpectedly passing away” at home. What is the real toll of domestic violence on Australian women?” What is the real toll? – Radfem Groundhog Day

*Suspicious/Related/Limited Information: September 285 year old Iris Jones, found dead in her home “with police saying the circumstances of her death could be suspicious”. “A 19-year-old man has been charged [with aggravated burglary and stealing her motor vehicle] as part of a police investigation into her sudden death.” 

August 27

54/  16 year old Jayde Kendall, her body was today located by a member of the public after extensive searching by police and the homicide squad since her disappearance on August 14. The 18-year-old man who Jayde was last seen with has been arrested and is expected to be charged with her murder. “Detective Acting Inspector Howard said murder charges would be laid tonight against the 18-year-old man who has been a person of interest during the case. “At this stage, there is no evidence that the male person wasn’t acting alone,” he said.” He also stated “police thought Jayde’s body had been there for some time, but had no evidence yet to say exactly how long. He said police were still unsure of the motive behind Jayde’s murder and the investigation was continuing. [August 14 – *Missing-suspicious16 year old Jayde Kendall, last seen leaving Lockyer District High School about 3.20pm with a male teenager she knows from school and work in a red car, he has been interviewed by police and “subsequently has given a version of events. As a result of that version of events we’re (police) now conducting further inquiries for the missing person.” At his stage he is a person of interest, not a suspect. The homicide squad has been called in to assist in the search for her.]

August 24

53/41 year old Indigenous woman Johann MorganOctober 20: Her suspicious disappearance more than two months ago has been referred to the coroners office. September 4: “detectives believe a missing Tamworth mother has met with foul play after a third crime scene was searched by police yesterday”. Police believe a burnt out car found 17km west of Tamworth is connected to her disappearance. August 24: “Homicide detectives have joined the search for a Tamworth woman who mysteriously disappeared as devastated family members made an emotional plea to find the missing mother.” Tamworth. NSW. [Last seen August 8,  indigenous woman Johann Morgan was reported missing to police by her family August 21, after they had exhausted all avenues to find her. “Detectives are investigating her suspicious disappearance and say it’s out of character for Ms Morgan to not contact relatives”. Her mobile phone and wallet have been found at her home.

August 14

52/ – 16 year old Tiffany Taylor‘s disappearance on July 12 has been upgraded to murder, Waterford West, beenleigh, QLD. Rodney Williams, 60, has been charged by Logan police with one count of murder. Police are continuing to search for her remains. Tiffany is the 2nd prostituted woman, that we know of, who has been murdered by a john this year in Australia. “Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson claimed Williams (her murderer) met Ms Taylor via an online dating website, the day she disappeared. “We’ve also been able to establish that Tiffany was offering sexual services for money over the online dating service,” he said…She had been living with and supporting her boyfriend of four years… Detective Superintendent Hutchinson said Ms Taylor left the hotel on 11:45 on Sunday July 12 “and took up with Mr Williams in his car”. “Our investigations have failed to find any proof of life since that time.” He said it was believed the teenager’s body may have been dumped near the Brisbane Valley Highway between the Warrego Highway and Fernvale.” Tiffany was a minor being prostituted and was killed by a john as a minor, on her 18th birthday Amnesty International would have called her a “sex worker”. Anyone who may have information which could be of assistance to this investigation is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

*16 year old Tiffany’s “boyfriend” of 4 years was a 41 year old man named Greg Hill, who, according to her family, groomed her from the age of 12 into a relationship with him. He also most likely groomed her into the prostitution industry, “Hill met Tiffany’s family when they were living in a two-storey house in the Logan suburb of Boronia Heights — sisters Tiffany and Chloe upstairs and mum Leanne downstairs. Hill had become friends with Leanne first. Before long he was spending less time downstairs and more time upstairs with Leanne’s daughters. Tiffany was just 12. Says Stocks: “He’d be buying her stuff, taking her to the movies, taking her to the shops, buying anything she wanted.” Tiffany stopped going to school and started spending most of her time with Hill. Huge arguments broke out between Tiffany and her mother. Stocks says: “We started getting angry with Greg and telling him he couldn’t come over any more, and then all of a sudden Tiffany ran off with him.”

Reporter David Murray also writes that Tiffany’s family had said “they had tried to get her away from the older man. child protection workers told them Tiffany was “fine”. According to a family member, Hill was Tiffany’s approved “carer”. At least some of her welfare payments went to Hill to look after her.”

“Hill confirms Queensland government child protection officers investigated her living arrangements… Hill is adamant that although Tiffany lived with him for years they only began a sexual relationship last Christmas, two months after she turned 16, the legal age of consent for sex in Queensland. He also claims he had no idea Tiffany was having sex with men for money. He thought his young girlfriend was working as a hotel cleaner or receptionist. Tiffany had also claimed she had an inheritance, he says”. *Admins note:  We call bullshit > “He also claims he had no idea Tiffany was having sex with men for money. He thought his young girlfriend was working as a hotel cleaner or receptionist. Tiffany had also claimed she had an inheritance, he says.”

*Male pattern violence is the problem – ‘Tina Fang was also murdered by a john, January 1, in Australia’s legal prostitution industry, she is one of the #FacesOfProstitution. So was Mayang Prasetyo, transexual ‘sex worker’, murdered by current partner Marcus Volker, found October 4, 2014, Brisbane. So was Tracy Connolly, murdered by a john,still on the streets and most likely still using and abusing prostituted women, July 21, 2013, Melbourne.

It needs to be noted here that we mostly find out a prostituted woman has been murdered when a body is found. When we look at the backgrounds of the majority of women who have entered prostitution, a lot have run away from homes where they suffered physical, psychological and sexual abuse, the ‘families’ or ‘homes’ they escaped from probably wouldn’t care enough for their welfare to report them missing, and many women’s real names get lost among their time in the prostitution industry. Some prostituted women are deliberately ‘disappeared’.’

* The 2012 suspected drug overdose of 38-year-old Deborah Balbi was today, August 14 2015, ruled as murder. A man, 43, from Maylands, was today arrested and charged with her murder, Eastern suburbs, Adelaide. It will be alleged he murdered her by strangulation.

August 13

*MissingA 19 year old woman, last seen at 7.30pm at an address on Merrimac Boulevard but hasn’t been seen or contacted family since, Broadbeach, QLD.  Police hold concerns for her welfare as her behaviour is out of character. Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or Description available.

*Suspicious/Related/Limited InformationAugust 11 – A woman aged in her 50’s found dead in house fire, “Homicide detectives are investigating the death of a woman following a unit fire”, Dandenong, Melbourne. “The death of the woman… is being treated as suspicous until the autopsy results.” 

August 10

51/ – A 49 year old Indigenous woman is dead, cause unknown, a 40 year old man has been arrested in relation to her “death” after the community clinic notified police, Alpurrurulam, NT and QLD border. Detectives from Alice Springs and the Major Crime Squad in Darwin are investigating.

*Suspicious/Related/Limited InformationAugust 10A 52-year-old woman found dead, “Police are investigating”, “Results of a post-mortem examination are to be returned on Wednesday and are expected to aid the police investigation.”

August 6

50/ – Donna Gusman, aged late 40’s, suspected to have been murdered by her husband Carmello, 50’s, who then killed himself. Both bodies were discovered in a car on Thursday morning August 6, on a roadside in Plumpton, however they may have been there since as early as Tuesday, Melbourne, VIC. Police said a “long-arm” firearm was also found in the car next to the man (Carmello Gusman), and detective Senior Sergeant Stuart Bailey told reporters, “we are not looking for a third person”.

August 3

49/34 year old Leah Anne Appleton, died after being shot in a west Perth apartment, WA. Two men, believed to be known to the victim were arrested for questioning at the scene. One of these men, Darren Kale Walters, 35, has been charged with her murder, the other man, 22, has been charged with several firearm and drug charges.

August 1

48/A 38 year old woman was found dead by police after they were called to a property in Geraldton, WA. A 60 year old man, believed to be known to her, was held for questioning August 3 The 60 year old man has been charged with breaching a violence restraining order and aggravated assault occasioning bodily harm, however a WA Police spokesman said “charges will be reviewed pending a post-mortem examination”.

July 21

47/ – 32 year old Jacinta Pompei found dead by Paramedics who were called to the home after reports of an alleged serious assault, the Bendigo Advertiser reported that she was struck to the head with a hammer, Kennington, Bendigo, VIC. Justin Ellard, 35, was arrested at the scene and has been charged with her murder.

July 19

46/50 year old Roxanne Wilkinson found dead at her home by paramedics who notified police of her alleged violent death, South Lake, WA. Her 19 year son remains in police custody being questioned over her suspected murder. July 22:  Alex Wilkinson charged with manslaughter for allegedly unlawfully killing his disabled mother, released on bail due to his own disabilities.

*Missing – A 29 year old woman,  last seen on Howard Street, Nambour, and hasn’t been seen or made contact with anyone since, QLD. Police hold concerns for her welfare as she suffers from a medical condition. Anyone with information contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or Description available.

July 17

45/52 year old Nadia Cameron found dead alongside her former male partner, Elie Issa, 60, in his home in a suspected murder/suicide, a firearm was found nearby, Kelso, Bathurst, NSW. A crime scene has been established and it is understood police are not searching for anyone else. According to her family Nadia had left the abusive relationship a few weeks earlier and was determined to start a new life. The family of Ms Cameron said she had left him last month after years of emotional and mental abuse. “People had no clue what kind of animal he was and how horribly he treated her,” her stepsister Debbie Nolan said. “Elie was emotionally abusive and incredibly jealous. Nadia could look at someone and he’d believe she was having an affair with them. “He treated her like a prostitute. Less than that. “She used to cry to me about how he just manipulated her. I said leave him. She said she couldn’t hurt his feelings.”

*Most of the articles by media relating to her murder have featured accounts of Mr Issa’s friends and colleagues stating what a great man he was, including the mayor, “Elie was just, words can’t describe it, just an absolutely wonderful man, I think he touched most people’s lives in Bathurst,” Deputy Mayor Ian North said. Most of these articles by national media outlets, while hailing Mr Issa as a wonderful man, failed to mention that he had allegedly murdered his former partner before taking his own life. If there was any mention of support services at the end of these articles they were for suicide hotlines instead of domestic violence services, excluding this one article that named the male violence that had occurred. This is male violence against women and misogyny by media.

*Please support Reclaim the Night Perth’s #MysteryIsMisogyny campaign to hold police and media accountable for responsible reporting of fatal male violence against women here

July 15

44/ – 55 year old Ann Hay, who suffered life threatening head injuries while intervening in a fight between her son Robbie and husband David outside a pub in Aramac on Saturday July 11, has died from the serious assault in Townsville hospital, QLD. Queensland Police Service Central West District Inspector Mark Henderson said no charges had been laid yet but investigations continued.

July 11

*MissingAn Indigenous woman, age and name withheld, last seen at the Eagle Junction train station around 7.30pm but hasn’t been seen or made contact with anyone since, QLD. Police hold concerns for her welfare as this behaviour is out of character. Anyone with information contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or Description available.

*UpdateJuly 15: She has been identified as a 50-year-old woman from the Liverpool area and police have deemed her death to be non-suspiciousJuly 11: A woman’s body, believed to be in her 30’s, was found by two teenagers partially clothed just off a fire trail in bushland, Hornsby, NSW. Police have also revealed that she had sustained injuries. Officers from Kuring-Gai Local Area Command have established a crime scene which will continue to be forensically examined overnight. The NSW Homicide Squad has begun an investigation and police have not ruled out the possibility the woman was murdered. “We can’t confirm at this stage whether the circumstances of where the body was located are suspicious or otherwise,” Detective Inspector Frank Gilroy said.

*Admin note – We are wondering why a homeless woman living “rough” in bushland would be in her underwear only in the middle of winter?: “She may have died of hypothermia. It is believed she was sleeping rough” a police spokesperson said. Detective Inspector Frank Gilroy of Kuring Gai Local Area Command said the 50-year-old woman had been homeless.

*Katherine McKernan, chief executive of Homelessness NSW, said authorities were aware of rough sleepers in the Hornsby bush as well as a swelling group along the Hawkesbury River. “There’s a large demand on crisis services and they are full,” Ms McKernan said. “There’s nowhere for people to be taken in.” A growing number of those turned away were older women, she said. “Women are finding themselves, later in life, in poverty. We are finding that there are more homeless women as a result.”

July 6

43/75 year old Norma Ludlam, died after 2 days in critical condition in hospital with life-threatening injuries after she was allegedly assaulted in her home, Eli Waters, Hervey Bay, QLD. A 60 year old man was questioned by police and released without charge. “Detective Inspector David Briese said the results of the post-mortem had played a part in turning the case into a homicide investigation, saying it certainly appeared Ms Ludlam’s death was suspicious… Homicide detectives had been part of the investigation since Monday and the lake behind Ms Ludlam’s house had been searched for anything that might be tied to the crime, Det Insp Briese said.” Investigations are ongoing. Update July 30A 60 year old man has been charged with her murder.

July 3

42/ – A 34 year old woman, unnamed for cultural reasons, died shortly after being taken, unresponsive, to the Oodnadatta Medical Clinic by 3 people, cause of her death is at this stage unknown, Oodnadatta, northern SA. Police declared the woman’s death a major crime and undertook a search to locate the man who she was believed to be camping with at the time, Danny Ferguson, 35, for questioning. July 7: Officers arrested Danny Ferguson, 35, and have charged him with the alleged murder of the 34 year old woman.

June 29

41/ – 36 year old Rebecca Webb and two men, Jacob Cumberland, 28, and his father Stephen, 59, were shot dead on a rural property in Hermidale, Nyngan, NSW. Her former male partner, 61, handed himself into police and has since been charged with two of the three murders.

June 23

40/ – A woman, 67, name yet to be released, was found dead at a house in Armadale, Perth, WA. A man was taken from the scene into police custody to be questioned over her death. “Major Crime is also attending the “incident“. Eighth Road remains closed between Armadale Road and Gribble Avenue to allow forensic officers to assess the scene.

June 19

*UpdateJuly 6: Police have determined the woman’s death to be non-suspiciousJune 19: A 39 year old woman, died from fatal neck injuries in a house in Beaconsfield, Mackay, Nth QLD. A crime scene was set up at the house, and a man taken from the scene into police custody for questioning over her suspicious death, he was released after a period of time without charge and investigations are ongoing with scientific and scenes of crimes officers conducting forensic examinations.

June 10

*Missing16 year old Toto, also known as Diana, last seen at a Bailee Street address, Goodna, Ipswitch, QLD. Police believe it is possible she could have travelled to New South Wales, possibly the Sydney area. Concerns are held for her welfare as this is out of character. Description available.

June 8

39/ – A 23 year old Indigenous woman, died from fatal head injuries, Tennant Creek, NT. A man, 23, believed to be her partner, was arrested and is being questioned by detectives over her “suspicious” death. Paramedics were called but the woman could not be saved. June 10: Ashley Lansen, 23, the man who was arrested on June 8, has been charged with her murder.

June 3

38/22 year old Brittany Shanice Harvie, found dead inside a car after paramedics were called to treat a woman who had been assaulted, Clayton South, Melbourne. An 18 year old man has been arrested and is currently assisting police with their inquiries. It is not known how long the woman lay dead in the car before she was found. June 5Mataio Jordan Aleluia, 18, her partner since the beginning of the year (arrested June 3), has been charged with one count of murder. It is believed no weapon was used in her murder.

May 28

37/32 year old Rose-Marie Sheehy (Rosie), her decomposing body was found in a store room in the carpark of a business, Unley, SA. SA police issued a statement that it appears the woman died from significant trauma, with her body being unlocated for up to two weeks post alleged homicide. Rosie relocated to South Australia from the Northern Territory in January 2015 and had not been seen since early April 2015. Rosie was homeless and living on the streets at the time of her alleged murder. One of her friends on the streets said  Rosie had recently broken up with an abusive male partner and was trying to avoid the man, “…he could be really nasty,” she said. Another friend described the dead woman as a “lovely girl” who was the victim of domestic violence. “I haven’t seen her for over two weeks now, one day she came (to the Hutt St Centre) carrying on trying to get locked up to get away from him, wanting to punch everybody just to get away,” she said. Aileen Jefferis, founder of the Rufus Charitable Trust — which helps to prevent homelessness and find accommodation for those at risk, told the Adelaide advertiser “There are many myths and stigmas around homelessness, and also domestic violence and that’s why people perhaps fail to have an understanding of how these people got into this situation in the first place”. Update June 13: Jason Luther Curtis, 30, has been arrested and charged with her murder.

May 25

36/ – A 22 year old Indigenous woman died after a man, believed to be her partner, fatally stabbed her, Yalata, 200km west of Ceduna, Adelaide. The man, 17, was arrested shortly after and charged with her murder.

May 19

35/68 year old WEI Dung Zheng died from a large knife wound to her throat while at her home, other family members were present in another room at the time and called 000 due to the large wound inflicted to her neck, Forrestville, Sydney, NSW. Her husband, 77, has been arrested for questioning, the family members present are also assisting with inquiries. Officers said early indications were that the woman was killed in a “domestic violence incident“. He has since been released pending further inquiries. May 20, NSW police media release: “Police from Northern Beaches Local Area Command formed Strike Force Coluga to investigate the circumstances surrounding her death. Investigators are attempting to determine whether the incident is suspicious. A post mortem examination was conducted today; however, the results were inconclusive and detectives are now awaiting the results of toxicology tests. Police are also continuing to speak with the woman’s family. As inquiries continue, investigators are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.” It is also believed she had previously spoken with a neighbour about relationship problems.


May 14

34/37 year old Olga Neubert died after her estranged husband ambushed her in her vehicle and fired several shots at her from a riffle hitting her in the face, New Town, Hobart. Her 53 year old female passenger sustained arm and hand injuries and is in a serious but stable condition at Royal Hobart Hospital. A 73 year old man was arrested at the scene, has been charged with her murder and will appear in court on Friday. May 15 “Klaus Dieter Neubert, 73, of the Huon Valley, appeared in court charged with the murder of his estranged wife, Mrs Nuebert, and causing grievous bodily harm to (her passenger) Ms Cooper.”

May 11

33/ – Seker Yildiz, age unknown, allegedly murdered by her husband, cause at this stage unknown, but a small axe or tomahawk with blood on it was found in the kitchen, along with bloodied men’s clothing, Dallas, Melbourne. Dursun Yildiz, 49, has been charged with one count of murder following investigations after handing himself into police. Detective Leading Senior Constable Sean Toohey sought an order in court to allow police to document Yildiz’s injuries and take fingernail scrapings and a swab, due to scratches on the right side of Yildiz’s face and lacerations on his wrist, stating “There appears to have been some sort of struggle.”

May 3

*Deemed suicide –  May 6, Body foundMay 5, A “friend said after speaking to Ms Mackenzie’s mother she believed the 22-year-old had dumped her shoes, bag and phone with her boyfriend after the argument. “He looked for her for an hour after they had the argument and she walked off,” she said. “He caught a cab home thinking she might have done the same thing and obviously nobody found her when they got home.” May 4, “Police are no longer investigating the disappearance of 22-year-old Rebecca Mackenzie, who was last seen at a Brisbane nightclub early Sunday morning. Fortitude Valley Criminal Investigation Branch Detective Senior Sergeant Tom Armitt said police would prepare a report for the coroner. He said police had information to indicate the young woman was dead but were still searching for her body. They are not treating the death as suspicious.” May 3, [Missing –  22-year-old Rebecca Mackenzie last seen walking away from the front of a night club following an argument with her boyfriend, early hours of Sunday morning, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Police are concerned for Ms Mackenzie’s well being as she has not contacted friends or family since this time, and has not turned up for work. Description available.]

April 29

32/51 year old Linda Locke, died this morning after two days on life support from being severely beaten by her male partner, 46, on the morning of April 27, her injuries included head trauma, serious facial bruising and a collapsed lung. He was charged on Monday with assault occasioning grievous harm. A police spokesman has said “further charges will be laid“. April 30 long-term partner Jamie Christopher Walker has been charged with her murder.

* Linda Locke’s daughter, Elisha, “has also been told that police had been called to the home several times in the past but nothing was done.”, “Police found pamphlets in Ms Locke and Mr Walker’s Quakers Hill home suggesting that she had sought some help from domestic violence professionals.”

“Ms Locke had plans to leave Mr Walker. She had revealed to Elisha as far back as 2012 that she was being abused and they spoke on a few occasions about moving up to northern NSW, where Elisha lives and where she could help her mum start afresh. However, in February, when she was supposed to organise a visit to see Elisha’s five children for the first time, she didn’t pick up the phone. “The next thing I knew, I was being given the news that she was on life support,” Elisha told Fairfax Media on Monday.”

April 27

* Missing21 year old Miss See Vue, last seen at a Pera Close, Bentley Park address around midnight on Saturday April 25 and has not made contact with her family or friends since, QLD. Police and family members hold concerns for her welfare as her behaviour is out of character.

April 25

31/ – 18 year old Melita Hart, a traditional land owner, died from serious injuries allegedly inflicted by her male partner Darryl Biles, 23, who was arrested at the scene and charged with her murder and for three outstanding warrants, Brewarrina, NSW. A crime scene was set up and investigated by specialist forensic officers, who have now established Strike Force Goninan to investigate the matter. Police called her murder an “alleged domestic violence incident”

* Patricia Frail from the Brewarrina Integrated Childcare Centre said Ms Hart had come to her for help a few months ago and this incident draws attention to a growing problem in regional areas. She said there are repeated calls for more services in regional areas to help victims of domestic violence and those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse.

April 22

30/35 year old Daniella D’Addario has been identified (April 24) as the woman police found in the boot of a car matching her car’s description April 23 NSW Police arrested her current male partner Josaia ‘Joey’ Vosikata, 27, from Bruce, who is believed to have fled the car in which officers later found the body of Daniela D’Addario. He has now been formally charged in the ACT Magistrates Court with her murder [April 20 *Missing – 35 year old Daniella D’Addario and her partner Josaia Vosikata, 27, reported missing by family who are concerned about no contact. Police said the couple could be in the Bermagui area and travelling in Ms D’Addario’s silver or light blue Hyundai Getz, with ACT registration YEF19M and have called for the couple to make contact.]

April 9 

29/48 year old Julie Hutchinson, reported missing by her sister on April 9, last seen March 7, Condon, Townsville, QLD. Her husband, Michael Hutchinson, 47, was arrested for questioning. April 13: Michael Hutchinson has been charged with her murder, he was also charged with interfering with her corpse. Police are still searching for her body. [Det Insp Nixon said “Unfortunately, yesterday the investigation changed focus and is one where we now have a homicide investigation and where we believe the missing person is deceased”. “Following the investigation that we conducted a male person, the 47-year-old husband of Julie, has been arrested and is presently in police custody.”]

April 5

28/26 year old Stephanie Scott, Leeton, Griffith, NSW. Vincent Stanford, 24, has been arrested and charged with her murder after photos were found on his phone of a burnt body and blood was found in his ute. Two crime scenes have been established. – April 10: police have found remains of a female body in a national park near Leeton. April 11: remains have now been formally identified as Stephanie Scott. Stanford, was a cleaner at the school where Stephanie worked and was last seen. It is understood she was planning lessons that would be taught while she was on her honeymoon. [*Missing – 26 year old Stephanie Scott,  last seen at her workplace on Myrtle Street, about 11am, Griffith, NSW. Police hold concerns for Ms Scott’s welfare as her disappearance is reported to be out of character.]

June 6: Vincent Stanford, 24, has now also been charged with raping Stephanie Scott before he murdered her and burnt her body. “Police laid an additional charge of aggravated sexual intercourse without consent.”

*”Mr Stanford maintained a secret online life, hiding behind fantasy characters to indulge his obsession with computer games, violent videos and neo-Nazi propaganda.”

March 30

27/45 year old Salwa Haydar, stabbed to death, non-life threatening wounds inflicted on her 18 year old daughter, South Sydney, NSW. Her husband, Haydar Haydar, 58, has been charged with her murder and wounding with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.

Police called this murder a “domestic dispute at the home” when giving a statement to the media. This is male violence and murder, not a “domestic dispute”. Support Reclaim The Night Perth in their #mysteryismisogyny campaign calling for responsible reporting of male violence against women HERE.

March 29

26/32 year old Indigenous woman, died on arrival at hospital with critical stab wounds to her leg, Alice springs, NT. Her male partner, 37, was at the scene when police arrived and has been remanded in custody in relation to her murder.

– He has also been charged with breach of domestic violence order.

March 22

25/32 year old June Wallis found dead at her home, police believe her death was a homicide, Howard, Queensland. Her husband, Nathan Peter Norman Greenfield, 34, who is believed to have fled the scene of her murder with a female child, has been charged by police with her murder after they intercepted his car by deflating his tires at a road block. The female child was not physically hurt.

March 17

24/17 year old Masa Vukotic, stabbed to death in a park. Detective Inspector Michael Hughes said she had just left her home, “This is part of her routine, she’s been walking daily”. Doncaster, Melbourne. “Neighbours heard screaming and saw a man fleeing the scene”. Sean Christian Price, 31, of Albion, was charged with murder in a five-minute hearing. He was also charged with rape, three assaults and two robberies which police alleged he committed before surrendering to them at 11.30am on Thursday.

– Sean Christian Price had prior rape convictions.

– December 2015Sean Price known to be reoffending risk before killing Masa Vukotic, court hears, Prosecutor tells Victorian supreme court experts knew his history before he was released on supervision order… Crown prosecutor, Michele Williams QC stated “When he was released he was assessed as [a] medium to high risk of reoffending – that’s precisely what happened”… The crown says Price is a danger to the community.”

“After being sentenced for sex offences in 2004 he told a psychologist he got a “rush” from threatening to kill and said sex attacks were “more about the torture” than sex, Williams said.

“Price has pleaded guilty to the murder of 17-year-old Masa Vukotic in a Doncaster park on 17 March, and a rape the following day.”

March 16

23/28 year old Sabah Al Mdwaliat, “suffered critical head injuries and also had a number of stab wounds“, Gordon, ACT. Her husband, Maged Mohommed Ahmed Al-Harazi, 34, has been formally charged by police for stabbing her to death, it is alleged he used an edged weapon to attack her.

March 15

22/27 year old Jackie Ohide, police are treating her suspicious death, the cause at this stage unknown, as domestic violence, Adelaide, SA. Her male partner Toby Awatere, 34, faces court charged with her murderThe Advertiser was told by a neighbour that she heard “bloodcurdling screams” at 4am. The woman’s two children, aged 7 and 2 & a 1/2, found her in a parked car and sounded the horn alerting neighbours. The car has been seized by police to undertake further analysis.

March 14

21/55 year old Sharon Edwards Update – 18 March 2016: Estranged husband named as a suspect in her disappearance and presumed murder, New South Wales Police have confirmed. [March 14 2015:  55 year old Sharon Edwards disappearance has been upgraded to a murder investigation with the involvement of the State Homicide Squad. Police have completed forensic examinations at three premises of last known whereabouts and also a diver search of the Clarence River. Last person to see her was her husband at 11pm. Please contact the police if you have any information. *March 27 2015: family’s plea for information.

March 13

20/Woman found dead at her home, suspected murder, Forrestfield, Perth. Her male partner was arrested at the scene and is being questioned by detectives. Limited information.

March 10

19/ – 55 year old Angela Rose MacKinnon, cause of her suspected murder is at this time unknown, her 19 year old son, who called 000, is in a serious condition with stab wounds, Gidgegannup, Perth. 42 year old John Michael MacKinnon, her brother, has been charged by detectives with her murder and the attempted murder of her son.

March 7

18/41 year old Prabha Arun Kumar, fatally stabbed several times in her neck walking home from work, Parramatta, NSW. It is believed she was on the phone to her husband at the time, when she reportedly said a suspicious-looking man was following her. Her husband has since arrived from India. Police appeal for more information after releasing CCTV footage.

March 1

17/27 year old Kris-Deann Sharpley, heavily pregnant, and her 7 year old son Jackson, believed to have been murdered by her  52 year old  father, Derek Sharpley, who was also found dead at the scene, currently being treated as a murder-suicide, Toowoomba, QLD.  “This is a terrible situation that has claimed the lives of a woman and her son”. “I must stress that we are in the early stages of our investigation however it would appear that two of the deaths are suspicious and the death of the man is non suspicious,” Detective Inspector David Isherwood.

Male pattern violence is the problem – ‘Australian writer Davina Squirrel noted, after the murder of heavily pregnant Kris-Deann Sharpley and her 7 year old son by her father Derek Sharpley, March 1, that “the autopsy was unable to determine the cause of death of 7 year old Jackson” and “although the cause of death could not be established for Jackson, the two probable causes were either suffocation or strangulation”.
She also noted that “the Courier Mail reported:

“Family members said Kris-Deann had spent time caring for her dad after her mother Elizabeth died in 2011 in bed next to her husband. She [Kris-Deann] left her life in Toowoomba and moved back in with her father to support him.”

Which led to her delving further and discovering a transcription of Elizabeth’s obituary (her emphasis):

“SHARPLEY, Elizabeth Roslyn “Beth”nee Gainey Late of Biddeston and formerly of Garah, N.S.W. Passed away unexpectedly on 24th July, 2011, aged 54 years….” Notices | Publication: Toowoomba Chronicle | Published 30 Jul 2011

We have the same questions and curiousities as Davina does:

“Passed away unexpectedly. In bed, next to husband, who years later, is likely to have smothered/murdered his grandson in the same manner. Was there a coroner’s investigation into this “unexpected death”? Probably not, but I would be curious as to what the cause of death was determined as, and also, if extended family members had suspicions.” What is the real toll 

– “previous ‘domestic incidents’, but to do with his sons.” What is the real toll

February 28

16/22 year old Dianne Chi stabbed to death, then locked in the boot of a car and driven to the Otway Ranges, Victoria. Her murderer and current partnerPaul Pham, 20, then killed himself. Police are treating this as a murder-suicide.

15/– 28 year old Tara Costigan, Calwell, ACT. Ex-partner Marcus Rappel has been charged with her murder. It is alleged he forced his way into the apartment, killed Tara Costigan, inflicted grievous bodily harm on a second woman, and seriously assaulted a man in the same attack. Police discovered Ms Costigan with a severe head trauma and an axe left lying next to her.

– There was an interim domestic violence order against Rappel.

* Rappel’s “last girlfriend also feared for her own safety and that of her two-year-old boy, obtaining a domestic violence order against Rappel in August 2013 after they split up.

Rappel, similar to his alleged murder of Ms Costigan on Saturday, paid no heed to the court order, breaching it by riding to his ex’s house two months later, yelling abuse at her as she stood with her son, and accusing her neighbour of being her “lover boy”.

ACT police arrested him for the breach, and he was fined $900 and put on a good behaviour order for 12 months from December 2013. That order expired two months before his next alleged victim, Ms Costigan, also turned to the courts for protection…

… September 2013, one month before he breached the domestic violence order against his last girlfriend, he was sentenced for domestic-violence related crimes in NSW. The Narooma Local Court issued non-conviction orders for two common assaults and stalking, putting Rappel on a 12-month good behaviour bond.”

February 16

14/55 year old Ainur Ismagul, Klemzig, Adelaide. Her husband Serik Eliby, 53, has been charged with her murder and remanded in custody.

February 12

13/36 year old woman, unnamed for cultural reasons, believed to have been the victim of an assault and left to die, Broome, Western Australia. George Thomas Walker, 39, has been charged over her death and remanded in custody. May 12 Charges against George Walker have now been upgraded to murder.

February 11

12/44 year old Kerry Michael found dead, From South Australia. Her husband, Robin Michael has been charged for her murder in Tasmania. Bail has been refused. Police said a post-mortem had confirmed she had suffered head trauma.

February 7

11/41 year old Traci O’Sullivan, Frankston North, Victoria. Found dead with possible stab wounds, detectives confirmed she was assaulted, cause of death has not been released. No sign of forced entry suggests it was someone known to her. CCTV footage has been released by police. Her ex husband is not a suspect. “While police do not have a motive for her death, her use of online dating websites was being investigated”. Detective Senior Sergeant Stuart Bailey said “It could have been someone she met on a dating website, perhaps has come to meet her on that particular day”.

10/39 year old Adelle Collins, Ningi, near Brisbane, QLD. Allegedly stabbed to death by her ex-partner  45-year-old Steven Storie. He has been charged with her murder.

– Ms Collins had sought protection from Mr Storie and was attempting to tighten restrictions on him to keep her family safe.

February 2

9/34 year old Fabiana Palhares, who was pregnant, Varsity Lakes, QLD. Allegedly beaten to death with a tomahawk. Ex-partner Brock Wall, has been remanded in custody and charged with murdering the mother of his unborn child, and breaching a domestic violence order. He could also be charged with killing his unborn child.

– History of domestic violence known to police, DVO in place.

January 26

8/50 year old woman, Dianella, Perth. Believed to have been murdered by her 50 year old husband before he killed himself. Her cause of death believed to be a head injury. He was a former police officer. Limited information.

January 23

7/ – A 50 year old woman died after being located unconscious in a unit at Botany, NSW. She had severe bruising on the left side of her face and neck and a substantial bruise on her right thigh. Police said early inquiries indicate her death is suspicious. One woman claims to have heard yelling during the night. Limited information.

January 21 

6/39 year old Renee Carter and her new partner 43 year old Corey Croft,  Coomera, QLD. Ex-partner Christopher Robert Carter, 36, stabbed them both to death and has been charged with two counts of murder. Renee’s 5 year old son was left alone with his murdered mother and her partner until found by his aunty almost 24 hours later.

January 19

*Update – June 16, a woman has been charged with her murder – [57-year-old woman found deceased in her bed, Vineyard, NSW. A crime scene was established and inquiries continue. Limited information.]

January 17

5/ 26 year old Leila Alavi, Sydney NSW. Her ex-husband, Mokhtar Hosseiniamraei, 33, is alleged to have stabbed her to death with a pair of scissors in a car park. He was arrested and charged with her murder. January 18 Police told a Sydney court Mokhtar Hosseiniamraei “has made admission to the offence”.

Also charged with contravening a restriction in an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO).

– He was previously charged with causing malicious damage and engaging in offensive behaviour towards Ms Alavi’s sister on December 15.

4/Yet to be Identified 29-year-old woman found dead in Melbourne apartment. Man in neighbouring apartment heard screaming.  A 38-year-old man from Docklands has been arrested and since released pending further inquiries.

January 9

3/ – 23-year-old Nikita Chawla, Brunswick West, Melbourne. Husband Parminder Singh, 29, arrested and charged with her murder. Prosecutors told Melbourne Magistrates Court that Singh stabbed his wife because he thought she was having an affair.

Parminder Singh has pleaded guilty in court to murdering Nikita and was sentenced to a non-parole period of 17 years.

PETITION by Nikita’s family: “An autopsy report confirms that Niki’s killer attacked her in her sleep. The killer chopped and stabbed her head, face and neck with a meat cleaver at least 35 times. Niki was terrorised and defenceless. The killer then dialled emergency services and asked for someone to ‘collect the dead body’ before going for a walk and abandoning Niki’s dead body.

“Her injuries were so extensive that when I had to identify her body at the Coroner’s Court, the medical staff were only able to show me a quarter of her face because the rest had been hacked away with a meat cleaver. They apologised and said, ‘Sorry, there’s nothing more to see and her face has changed shape from her injuries.’

“Her killer could be free in 17 years. Justice Lasry’s sentence for such a brutal, callous murder that His Honour stated was an act of “vengeance and control” is manifestly inadequate.” Sign petition here for “the Director who represents our community to appeal this sentence. It’s time for courts to deter violent behaviour by giving appropriately lengthy sentences when such heinous crimes are committed.”

January 2

2/44 year old Rinabel Tiglao, died after leaping from a moving vehicle in fear of her life from her male partner, Middlemount, QLD. Shane Archibald Dickson, 35, has been charged with her murder and remanded in custody.

* 2011Shane Archibald Dickson, 31, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg District Court to going armed to cause fear, assault causing bodily harm and seven charges of breaching a court order.

Prosecutor Carly Whelan said Dickson had parked his car directly behind Jayne Dodson’s car as she was going to work at a Bundaberg hospital on October 1, 2010. Ms Whelan said Dickson got out of his car and demanded to know where “she” was, referring to his former partner.

Judge Noud handed down an 18-month prison term for the assault and weapon charges, with an immediate parole release date. He also ordered Dickson serve one month for each of the charges relating to breaching an order, which were to be served concurrently.

“I urge you to look at (your sentence) in a positive light and try and get some help,” he said.

January 1

1/ –  25 year old Ting Fang, from China living in Sydney, NSW. 27 year old man Chunguang Piao was arrested for her murder after allegedly stabbing her throat in an Adelaide hotel. Insp Hutchins said there were “signs of ­violence which made it quite clear we were dealing with a murder”. January 12 prosecutor Lucy Boord told magistrate Luke Davis that evidence had been found at the crime scene linking Piao to the murder. “There was an extremely serious injury to (Ms Fang’s) neck, both her (internal and external) jugular veins were cut,” she said.

Male pattern violence is the problem – ‘Tina Fang was murdered by a john this year in Australia’s legal prostitution industry, she is one of the #FacesOfProstitution. So was Mayang Prasetyo, transexual ‘sex worker’, murdered by current partner Marcus Volker, found October 4, 2014, Brisbane. So was Tracy Connolly, murdered by a john,still on the streets and most likely still using and abusing prostituted women, July 21, 2013, Melbourne.

It needs to be noted here that we mostly find out a prostituted woman has been murdered when a body is found. When we look at the backgrounds of the majority of women who have entered prostitution, a lot have run away from homes where they suffered physical, psychological and sexual abuse, the ‘families’ or ‘homes’ they escaped from probably wouldn’t care enough for their welfare to report them missing, and many women’s real names get lost among their time in the prostitution industry. Some prostituted women are deliberately ‘disappeared’.’

#countingdeadwomen began in 2012 in the UK when Karen Ingala Smith just started counting,

“and once I’d started, I couldn’t stop. Since then, I’ve counted over 366 women killed through suspected male violence…. I want us to stop seeing the killings of women by men as isolated incidents, to put them together and to see the connections and patterns”. Karen Ingala Smith

NSW Police Media Release Archives  Here

Western Australia Police online news Here

South Australia Police news Here

Queensland Police Service media unit Here

Victoria Police News Here

Northern Territory Police Here

Tasmanian Police Here

“When we remember the deaths of women from male violence, we must remember that most deaths of the prostituted go unrecorded and therefore unreported. It is thought that prostituted women are about 40 times more likely to die a violent death than women of similar age and background. Many prostituted women die before the age of 27, far too many. Every exited woman lives with knowing prostituted women who have just disappeared or been murdered, that is what gives us the will to fight for abolition.” Rebecca Mott

Melissa Farley research Here


Do you need help or want to report male violence? please contact:

If you are feeling unsafe right now, call 000


3months countingdeadwomen

Poster murdered women 4 x A4

9month 300 DPI small .PNG#ManAssaultsWoman – A 6 month snapshot of Reported (to and by police only) alleged and convicted rapes, sexual assaults and violence towards women by men, Australia 2015, here.


*Male victims of DV – Radfem Groundhog Day “…looking at the relatively short list of adult males murdered in DV circumstances so far this year, all were murdered, or allegedly murdered, by other males, with one case of a female accomplice. Zero cases of female abusers murdering male victims. All murdered by other males. Whereas, most of the female DV victims were outstandingly murdered, or allegedly murdered by males.” Full post here.

*What Is it About Men That They’re Committing These Horrible Massacres? – Meghan Murphy, “In 31 of the school shootings that have taken place since 1999, the murderers were all men. Out of the 62 mass murders which happened over the past 30 years, only one of those shooters was a woman.The overwhelming majority of the gunmen were white. Jackson Katz, an author, filmmaker, social theorist, and anti-sexist activist, whose work has focused on manhood and masculinity, is baffled: “The gender of the perpetrator is the single most important factor, and yet it’s not talked about in that way in most mainstream conversations.” Full article here.

*No, women aren’t as likely to commit violence as men – Jane Gilmore, “Violent crime is predominantly committed by men, sexual crimes are predominantly committed against women, and both men and women are almost equally victims of physical assaults almost always committed by men… 

“…Too many of our men and boys have learned that violent impulses cannot or should not be controlled, and we need to understand how and why this happens. Because until we start focusing on the cause of the problem, we can never hope to change it.” Full article here

*Why talking about male violence matters – Sarah Ditum, “…the traffic of violence is overwhelmingly from men, and disproportionately to women. As a class, men are the bearers of violence. As a class, women are its victims. And this is why feminists talk about male violence: not for lack of concern about the violence perpetrated by women, but because as a demographic phenomenon, violence is masculine. For this reason, we can draw connections between the patterns of violence and other areas of male domination. What about the fact that women are more likely to live in poverty than men? The fact that the UK has a pay gap of 19.7% in favour of men? The fact that women make up just 23% of MPs? What about the fact that purchasers of sex are exclusively men – is that relevant here? All of these inequalities exist in an environment shaped by that traffic of violence: from men, to women. All of them must be addressed in the acknowledgement of that context, if they are to be addressed at all.” Full article here

*Femicide – Men’s Fatal Violence Against Women Goes Beyond Domestic Violence by Karen Ingala Smith, “Men’s violence against women is not natural and it is not inevitable, but it is a cause and consequence of inequality between women and men and underpinned by other manifestations of that inequality: gender and/or sex roles, sexism, misogyny, and the commodification and objectification of women. We need to name men’s violence. We need to keep the connections between the different forms of men’s violence at the forefront of our analysis. We need to say that all the women killed by men were important. If we don’t make the connections and look for the true root causes, we will not reduce the numbers of women being killed by men.” Read more here

*One-in-three myth unanimously busted on ‘Hitting Home’ finale of Q&A – Jenny Noyes, “Social Services Minister Christian Porter got straight to the point: “I don’t accept that statistic. I don’t know where it’s come from, and I’ll be having a good look at it.

“This is, very sadly – and something we just have to be blunt and honest and open about or we’ll never break the cycle – this a problem perpetrated by men against women … almost exclusively.”

“NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Michael Fuller went further into the statistical reality in his state: “Around 25 per cent of men present as victims of DV assaults … but of that 25 per cent, more than half of the offenders are still male.

“Any victim of crime deserves a service,” he added, “but we can’t lose sight of the fact that for more than half of the cohort of male victims the offenders are male themselves.”

“Domestic Violence NSW CEO Moo Baulch pointed out that male offenders are often skilled at pretending to be the victim in order to play the system, but said better data is needed to really understand what is going on. 

“And finally, Professor of Social Work Cathy Humphreys elaborated on the figures with an important observation from British crime data, which doesn’t just count victims – it counts incidents, and therefore gives a much clearer picture of who is subject to ongoing abuse as opposed to one-off violence.

“You actually see high rates of reported one-off incidents,” Humphreys said, noting that 9% of men and 14% of women had reported being victimised. “But actually when you look at who’s reporting four or more incidents, 89 per cent were women.” Full article here

*It’s not sexist to suggest domestic violence perpetrators are usually men – Natalie Bloomer

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    Most women are people in relationships or looking to have relationships. How do we keep them safe as a society while supporting their adulthood.
    Why isn’t there a list of perpetrators?


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