Counting Dead Women Australia

Male pattern violence against women is the problem – CountingDeadWomen

At REAL for Women, our focus is on ending Male Violence Against, and oppression of, Women: In 2015 we recorded women allegedly murdered by known or suspected male violence in Australia, while acknowledging the unknown murders of prostituted women. We followed on from Karen Ingala Smith’s original UK campaign with permission – #CountingDeadWomen:

*Man Murders Woman 2015 – 1 year record of fatal MVAW Australia

*Man Assaults Woman 2015 – a 6 month snashot of reported-only MVAW

See also: *Counting Dead Aboriginal Women Australia 2015 -2016 – by Celeste Liddle – Black Feminist Ranter

*Man Murders Woman 2016 – Women Shout Out Australia and Reclaim the Night Perth are recording women allegedly murdered by known/suspected Male Violence in Australia in 2016 “to ensure that we maintain the focus on male violence against women started by REAL for Women.”

“I want us to stop seeing the killings of women by men as isolated incidents, to put them together and to see the connections and patterns”. Karen Ingala Smith #CountingDeadWomen founder UK

*Destroy The Joint began counting All women murdered in Australia here in 2014, which shows us that indeed most murderers of women are men.

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