Counting Dead Women UK

#countingdeadwoman began in 2012 in the UK when Karen Ingala Smith just started counting,

“and once I’d started, I couldn’t stop. Since then, I’ve counted over 366 women killed through suspected male violence…. My list doesn’t just include women killed though domestic violence, I include women killed through male violence. I want us to stop seeing the killings of women by men as isolated incidents, to put them together and to see the connections and patterns”. Karen Ingala Smith


“The Home Office currently records and publishes data on homicide victims and the relationship of the victim to the principal suspect and sex of the victim. This does not do enough to tell us about fatal male violence against women:

1. It doesn’t tell us about the sex of the killer

2. It doesn’t connect the different forms of male violence against women. My list doesn’t just include women killed though domestic violence.

3. It dehumanises women.
The statistic ‘on average two women a week a killed through domestic violence in England and Wales’ is well known. People seem to be able to repeat this without getting outraged or upset.  Through connecting and naming the women killed, I’m trying to make the horror and unacceptability of what is happening feel more real.

The murders of some women barely cause a ripple, some don’t make it into the national media. If the press take this seriously, there’s more chance of people seeing what is going on, of understanding the implications of male violence and to say ‘no more’.” Read more here #countingdeadwoman – Karen Ingala Smith

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