Why count women murdered by Men

We are recording murdered and missing women in Australia, with the specific focus on male violence and the addition of keeping track of missing women – some of who we will never find, while acknowledging the deaths of the prostituted women we do not know about.

#countingdeadwomen began in the UK in 2012 when women’s rights advocate Karen Ingala Smith, overwhelmed by the the rate of men murdering women, and the extreme violence involved, ‘just started counting’. Karen’s focus on male violence, because it needs to be acknowledged, and the feminist politics behind her work are in unison with our work for women’s rights and liberation – that porn culture, sexualisation and objectification are real, and that the sex industry; porn, strip clubs and prostitution, is the commercial sexual exploitation of vulnerable women within a male dominated society which furthers our subordination. We join the dots between all this, and the way men ‘dispose’ of women as meaningless objects, while beating and raping us for entertainment or release.

A problem needs to be diagnosed before it can be treated. The problem is Male Violence.

“When we remember the deaths of women from male violence, we must remember that most deaths of the prostituted go unrecorded and therefore unreported. It is thought that prostituted women are about 40 times more likely to die a violent death than women of similar age and background. Many prostituted women die before the age of 27, far too many. Every exited woman lives with knowing prostituted women who have just disappeared or been murdered, that is what gives us the will to fight for abolition.” Rebecca Mott

Melissa Farley research Here

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