Prostitution precedents

Government Offices of Sweden, Legislation on the purchase of sexual services – “The reason behind the introduction of legislation on the purchase of sexual services was – and is – the importance for society of fighting against prostitution. Prostitution is considered to cause serious harm both to individuals and to society as a whole… The evaluation shows that the prohibition of the purchase of sexual services has had the intended effect and is an important instrument in preventing and combating prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes.”

New anti-prostitution laws urged to target men who buy sexMarch 2014, in Ottawa, Canada, ” police are now arresting johns — those who pay for sex — in their prostitution sweeps, instead of sex-trade workers. It’s an intentional change from years past that makes the streets safer, according to police.”

Europe Votes on Penalising Prostitute Clients in ‘Nordic Model’January 2014, “The European Parliament’s Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee has voted through a report that recommends the adoption of the ‘Nordic Model’ of prostitution laws. Put forward by Mary Honeyball, Labour MEP for London, the report recommends the EU takes on the Swedish model of prostitution laws, which punishes the clients of prostitutes, rather than the sex workers themselves.”

France Takes First Steps Towards Abolition of ProstitutionDecember 2013, “the French Assembly… overwhelmingly passed a bill  imposing stiff fines on sex buyers, while exempting from criminal liability those who sell sex, offering prostituted people exit strategies and assistance… For France, which once romanticized the “droit du seigneur”  the right of a feudal lord to rape a vassal’s bride, this move towards the Nordic Model is a striking turn of events, catalyzed by grassroots feminist and survivors’  efforts with galvanizing support from the charismatic Minister of Women’s Affairs, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

Glasgow Government UK – “Prostitution is recognised as male violence and one form of commercial sexual exploitation. Street prostitution is a significant social problem in Glasgow, which affects women, families and communities. As with other social problems it is recognised that public agencies have a role to play in tackling the causes and the impact of prostitution.”