Questions For Us

Questions For Us – Paula Orbea

Literally Wicked. Campers still offend.

January 16, 2015

“The campaign I started six months ago attracted world-wide attention with 133 articles written – had a petition won in 4 days with 127, 000+ signatures – inspired Greens Senator, Larissa Waters, to put forward a motion to the Senate to condemn Wicked Campers, which received a rare, unanimous vote – but Wicked Campers have still decided to discard their own commitment to change…

…Let’s not forget that this violation of the public space, encapsulates the biggest problem. Noone is denying that people can’t share a ‘joke’ amongst themselves, but it is the intrusion and face-rubbing of these ‘jokes’ in the common spaces of society, that infuriates a large portion of people. It must also be made clear that this does not mean that Wicked don’t have any vans with good slogans – on the contrary, there are some good ones out there.

But that is not what all of this is about…”

“MP Aaron Dillaway, wrote:

‘Under the current system, outdoor advertising relies heavily on self-regulation, and those who refuse to comply are not penalised. For this reason, the Attorney-General announces that he is committed to exploring options to properly enforce the decisions of the ASB, which raised in the HCSC report.’”

Response from the Hon Jarrod Bleijie – The Queensland Attorney General and Minister for Justice



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