Radical Alliance of Women

Radical Alliance of Women is a grassroots action collective that aims to create solidarity among Leftist feminists in the collective struggle for women’s liberation.

For the past 6 months an idea to start a magazine has been entertained- a real hard copy magazine, like in the good old days.

This is a call for contributions to the magazine so a mock-up can be made and we can all see what this thing will look like! The intention of RAW is to create a depersonalised entity through which radical women can unite and distribute their views. The kind of thing this publication needs is anything that relates to radical politics, feminism, women’s experiences and realities, activism, and progress in the fight for women’s liberation from capitalist heteropatriarchy.

If you have something you would like to contribute for our first edition, or have an idea you’d like to make known, send your stuff through to radicalallianceofwomen@gmail.com

Radical alliance of women

What we need:
-Articles (journalistic, news, academic)
-Short stories/prose
-Poetry and lyrics

All content will be credited to the original author

(or your can remain anonymous if you like)

In Solidarity – R.A.W

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