Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist

This is a proudly black site. This is a proudly feminist site. This is also a proudly left-wing site. Additionally, this is a proudly moderated site. I started it because, well initially I just wanted a place to write stuff, but also because I wanted to claim a space in the www for an Aboriginal feminist lefty to express opinion in a way that we do not tend to get to opportunity to do in the Australian mainstream media. See, the Australian media is dominated by white men, and it is also 70% controlled by the Murdoch Press; hardly a radical left-wing organisation that’s for damn sure.

So I am dedicated to not replicating that continual cacophony of white male right-wing opinion in this forum and proclaim my little corner of cyberspace to be proudly biased. Black opinion, feminist opinion and left-wing opinion will be actively promoted here, and if you don’t like that then you are free to start your own blog or post in forums that are more inline with your persuasions. God knows there are plenty.” Read more HERE

“I’m a 35 year old Arrernte woman who lives in Melbs, Australia (Reservoir, to be exact) and is the National Indigenous Organiser for the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU). I have an honours degree in arts (theatre and drama) from La Trobe Uni and a Graduate Diploma in Arts (mainly political science) from UniMelb. I previously worked in Indigenous student support for 8.5 years and got involved in union activism as a staff member. I like food, music that is far too loud and no good for my fragile eardrums and living a life that is not determined by the stupid rules and regulations that society tries to pin on us. Politically, I’d say I’m rather, well, “hard left” though not affiliated. I’m an atheist, a vegetarian, and beyond that I shirk most labels because I figure I have enough of them.” Read more HERE

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