Reclaim The Night Perth

#mysteryismisogyny – against media support of the ‘mysterious family homicide’ narrative

Reclaim the Night Perth condemns the practice of reporting family annihilators as though males killing their children and sometimes partners/ exes is not a pattern but simply a mystery occurrence.

We note that this often occurs when the media quote police or neighbours but ask no experts on Violence Against Women to comment.

This contradicts the Reporting on Domestic Violence guidelines issued Sept 2014. Read more.

Join Reclaim the Night Perth in rejecting the ‘mystery’ narrative and support the #‎mysteryismisogyny hashtag campaign by. 

  • using the #‎mysteryismisogyny hashtag on twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and other social media, when you come across a news report that contradicts the responsible reporting guidelines.
  • tweet and tumble/ FB etc, referring to this note from Reclaim the Night Perth on better reporting practices, using the #‎mysteryismisogyny hashtag.

Read more about the campaign: Murder, Mystery and Misogyny in Oz