Male pattern violence is the problem: CountingDeadWomen

In our records of #CountingDeadWomen in Australia this year, we have listed 31 women suspected to have been murdered by alleged, probable or likely male violence in less than 4 months.  Another 3 women are missing, and 3 more women have been murdered by other women.

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We started CountingDeadWomen this year in Australia along with Destroy The Joint (DTJ), who began counting All women murdered last year. Our focus is specifically on Male Violence Against Women (MVAW), following on from the original UK campaign of #countingdeadwomen, in order to get a clear picture of fatal male pattern violence against women in Australia. On this basis our records and numbers and those of DTJ will differ, but we do feel both records are important for these differing reasons. We are also keeping record of missing women, we now know a couple of these missing women are suspected to have been murdered. Continue reading

“There are people who like sex but who are also critical of sexual exploitation”


Article: Agency is magic and so is twerking by Laura McNally

In Response to Owen Jones -Rosie Redstockings on porn

Repost from Rosie Redstockings · @rredstockings

In Response to Owen Jones

“I’m 23. Mine is the first generation to be exposed to online porn from a young age. We learnt what sex is from watching strangers on the internet, we don’t know anything else.

Here are some of the things that I have experienced…

  • having my head shoved into his crotch, and held down while I sucked him off
  • being told that my gag reflex was too strong, couldn’t I work on it?
  • bullied into submitting to facials. I didn’t want to. He said (joking?) that he’d ejaculate on my face while I was asleep. He wan’t joking – I woke up with him wanking over me.
  • bullied into trying anal. It hurt so much I begged him to stop. He stopped, then complained that I was being too sensitive and it can’t be *that* bad, he continued to ask for it
  • having my hair pulled
  • constant requests for threesomes
  • constant requests to let him film it

And on every single occasion, I felt guilty for not being a ‘cool girl’. I was letting him down. I was a prude.

THIS IS NOW NORMAL. Every single straight girl I know has had similar experiences. Every. Single. One. Some have experienced far worse. Some have given in, some have resisted, all have felt guilty and awkward for not being “liberated” enough, not giving him what he wants.  Continue reading

What women who are called ‘man-haters’ do:


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You can’t frequent strip clubs And claim you support gender equality

Pip Douglas

Opposing sexism, not sex: how does a feminist mother explain a lap-dancing club? By Glosswitch

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I will not stop talking and posting about feminism until:

#mylistofdemands - Pip Douglas

#mylistofdemands – Pip Douglas

#mylistofdemands – Pip Douglas

The normalcy of strip clubs in modern Australian culture

strip club man

And the implications for all women

Let’s talk about sex, biological sex, what it means to be born a girl and grow into a woman, in a prostitution and sex object culture.  Where living amid the  commercial sexual exploitation of our biological sex, our class, is just par for the course, and strip clubs now pop up like McDonald’s and Starbucks, claiming unsuspecting street corners from our coastlines to the back of Bourke.

In this ‘women are objects/property’ culture, an uprising is occurring, where community and council members are joining with the long held stance of women’s rights organisations, that the trade of exploiting, degrading and profiting from women’s flesh is unacceptable in an egalitarian and progressive society. Continue reading